Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ben Swann (of CBS46 news in Atlanta, Georgia) fairly covers "Pizzagate"


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a question to you which has nothing to do with this article. it´s about the blog "Winston Smith Ministry of Truth" of Black Rabbi of Inle. I can´t enter it. Did he put his blog on private or what happened? You both are friends, maybe you know it or you can contact him. This is one of best blogs and he can´t close it, so many interesting information.

SoldierofYah said...

I don't know anything about why he set his blog as "open to invitation only". Over the years, he and I have only contacted each other via blogger. So I don't have his email address. We need to find out how to access his blogger user page (for "Black Rabbit of Inlet" or whatever his name was). I think I could find it by looking through some of the comments to articles in this blog, and find one of his comments. Then, maybe we can contact him and request invitation to the blog.