Thursday, August 11, 2016

In rare moment of honesty, Alex Jones speaks out against total jewish control of U.S. Government

In this clip from his radio show, Jones discusses how almost every key position in the Obama Administration (as well as the Bush administration) is held by jew/Israeli.  This was shortly after Obama took office, and Jones focusses on Rham Emanuel especially.  He also makes the statement that there was "Israeli fingerprints all over 9/11".


Flanders said...

Soldier of Yah, I don't know whether you have a way to contact the owner of Knowledge Is Power, but his forum is about to be shut down in just a few days if he doesn't renew it. It is already down for viewing or access by anyone other than him and there was a message that it would be permanently removed unless he contacted them by a certain date. I once knew his website address, but no longer have access to it. I think his name was Ralph.

I hope you are doing good. You don't seem to be updating so often. I hope you are just taking some break from posting, and that everything is going OK. I have some information which might be of interest to you and I'll leave a link soon.

Flanders said...

Here is the comment that I'd like for you to see, Soldier. If you choose to comment there, I'll see it, but your first comment will have to clear Hoff's spam guard before it will show. I'll check back with you, too, just in case.

Are Hillary Clinton and the Mishpuka performing Sabotage of the American Political System? – Flanders

Flanders said...

Here is a link to Knowledge Is Power, at least to that message, Soldier. It redirects in just a few seconds but the owner has 7 days to contact them. I remember now that his name was Rufus, but I don't remember the name of his site, and no longer have a link to it. I don't know about you, but I had a few things there I would hate to see gone.

SoldierofYah said...

Hello Flanders. Thanks for your message. I'm doing well, and hope you are too. I don't update my blogs very often right now, but I have no intention of stopping blogging or anything.

As for the forum...yes, his name is Rufus. He had made me a administrator of the forum back in 2011. So I just went there, and "re-activated" the forum. It will now not be deleted.

Rufus' blog site is here:

By the way, I didn't know this until just now, but when searching for his blog, I found out that Rufus has been a guest on radio and even written for the Daily Stormer. See this article: