Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Viking Princess" by David Lane

Viking Princess – David Lane

She welcomed home the Viking warrior.
She was the essence of elation,
This gracious Goddess of the north,
Nature’s great creation.
In all the beauty on the earth
None can match this gem.
All the races on the earth
Desire this diadem.
Her silk fine hair and face so fair
And countenance demure
Will not be seen on earth again.
White blood must be kept pure.
As I watch the death of my noble race
I cannot stand the pain.
My people commit suicide.
Have they gone insane?
Arise Teutonic warriors
And Viking chieftains, too.
The hour is late, we’ve tempted fate,
Now we have work to do.
The Jew says he has sealed our fate.
He says our race is done.
He says the Aryan people
Have seen their final sun.
But we have news for the Jews.
The traits that they despise,
Honor, courage, loyalty,
Are now on the rise.
Viking Princess, help us.
Remember your glorious past.
Do not forget your heritage
Or your race has breathed its last.
Then, Viking Princess, you will always reign
As Nature’s perfect Queen.
Resume your place upon the throne,
Your beauty is supreme.
You must be our inspiration,
Our mettle is on trial.
Our love is pure and holy,
Make our fight worthwhile!


Flanders said...

That is a great message, Soldier of Yah. I've not seen it before. Thanks for bringing it forward.

SoldierofYah said...

Good to hear from you again Flanders. Hope all is well with you.