Saturday, April 9, 2016

The ruins of the Tower of Babel are located at Borsippa, Iraq, approximately 11 miles southwest of the ancient city of Babylon

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In 600 BC the famous Nebuchadnezzar who took the Prophet Daniel and the Israelites into captivity, completes a restoration of the Tower. The place of those ruins today are in Borsippa which is a Greek word meaning Tongue-Tower. There is an inscription at the site of King Nebuchadnezzar. The opening lines read:
I have completed its magnificence with silver, gold, other metals, stone, enameled bricks, fir and pine. The first which is the house of the earth’s base, the most ancient monument of Babylon; I built and finished it. I have highly exalted its head with bricks covered with copper.
In 475 BC the Persian King Xerxes destroys the superstructure of the Tower.
In 440 BC Herodotus the Greek historian wrote upon visiting the ruins; “It has a solid central tower, one furlong square, with a second erected on top of it and then a third, and so on up to eight. All eight towers can be climbed by a spiral way running around the outside, and about halfway up there are seats for those who make the journey to rest on.”
In 330 BC Alexander the Great visits the ruins and makes plan to rebuild the Tower
In 500 AD Babylon was abandoned for centuries.

Wikipedia entry on Borsippa:
Borsippa (Sumerian: BAD.SI.(A).AB.BAKIAkkadianBarsip and Til-Barsip)[1] orBirs Nimrud (having been identified with Nimrod) is an archeological site inBabylon ProvinceIraq. The ziggurat, the "Tongue Tower," today one of the most vividly identifiable surviving ziggurats, is identified in the later Talmudicand Arabic culture with the Tower of Babel.
Borsippa was an important ancient city of Sumer, built on both sides of a lake about 17.7 km (11.0 mi) southwest of Babylon on the east bank of theEuphrates.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Documentary: "ATLANTIC JIHAD: The Untold Story of White Slavery"

Title of video in YouTube: "ATLANTIC JIHAD: The Untold Story of White Slavery"

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Oldest human remains ever found in the Americas are of a European woman, "Peñon woman", that are 13,000 years old, found in Mexico!

The skull of the woman is long an narrow and Caucasian in appearance, like the skulls of white western Europeans today.   Modern-day native american "indians", meanwhile, have short, wide skulls that are typical of asians and other mongoloid peoples.


Independent (U.K.): "Does skull prove that the first Americans came from Europe?"

Florida's "Windover Bog People" - Remains of 168 Caucasian-European people in Florida thousands of years prior to Columbus!

The remains of 168 people were discovered in a peat bog central Florida in 1984.   While Radio-carbon dating is known to be wildly inaccurate, the remains were radio-carbon dated to be around 7,000 years old.  DNA testing determined that the people were not related to modern-day asiatic "native american indians", but were European!

Title of video in YouTube: "Florida's Caucasian Mummies"


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