Sunday, January 24, 2016

MUST SEE video - Brave 16-year old German girl speaks out against muslim invaders in Germany, women are DAILY "afraid for their lives" out and about among these animals, and says they have "destroyed Germany"

The situation is apparently so bad in Germany that this brave German girl has made a video that she describes as a "cry for help", despite the fact that she could be prosecuted for "hate speech" in Germany for saying these things.  Facebook has apparently already banned this video (per their new anti "hate speech" rules), and it is blocked from being seen inside Germany.

She says that German women and girls are daily "afraid" for their lives, and that packs of male muslim immigrants menace German women in public everywhere.  She pleads for German men to protect German women and girls.  She recognizes that the German government is criminal and will not help and protect them, says she "does not understand" why the government is allowing this invasion of immigrants, and ultimately says that the government must be trying to destroy Germany.

She gives many personal accounts, including a recent trip to the supermarket in which a gang of muslim men stared at her and she was afraid for her life.  In Berlin, she says African immigrants were chanting in public that they were going to "kill all Germans", and muslim immigrants in Southern Germany demonstrated saying that "Allah is the only god".  In the summertime when it was hot and she was wearing a T-shirt, she says muslim men approached her and told her "Allah can see you.  He knows you are unclean, you little whore."  She relates that muslim men routinely grope German women in public who are dressed in such a way that they show any skin.

She says, "I really wonder if Germany has a chance, if Germany can get out of this crisis alive", expressing that the situation is very dire.  She calls for the German people to engage in mass demonstrations, hoping that this will urge the government to deport these people and stop the invasion.  She says the situation will eventually escalate to war.

There is a spiritual dimension to this situation in Germany, and in the rest of the European and Western world.  The German people (and Swedes, English, Americans, etc) need to return to their Heavenly Father, and ask Him for deliverance and protection.  We are under a curse, for disobedience and rejection of Him.

Please pray to the Heavenly Father for the safety of the German people, and that they be delivered and obtain victory over their enemies.

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Anonymous said...

The situation is, Women are included in the Muslim Supermarket in a way that unclean whores! ask men to grope the inside of their skin, to obtain an increase in their personal bank account; despite the criminal disobedience.