Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jews in Israel admit that they believe they are superior, "goyim" will be their slaves, and that the jew aim to control the world

In another video from the same YouTube channel, Israelis acknowledge that they treat tourists to their nation very badly, because they are taught in their religion and culture that the jews are superior and foreigners (goyim) are inferior.

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StalinLovesCIAfakeMSM Anonymous said...

Thanks for your hard work and please keep exposing this - more people than ever are waking up to the truth - i.e. that which can be forensically and factually proven beyond any reasonable doubt in a Court of Law using unimpeachable expert and witness testimony and incontrovertible forensic and factual evidence and logic as proofs- rather than outrageously absurd and sensational genital mutilation mental illness fantasies of the so called “Holocaust” survivors and relying on Laws banning Freedom of Speech and Thought to keep this inane and diabolically evil lie entrenched as a weapon against truth used to enrich the terror state of Israel.

Israel, whose aging intel vets lauded by Jews as “heroes”, now facing death, can’t but help revealing their true disgusting nature by bragging smarmily away about how they and Mossad almost exclusively created and funded ALL Islamic terrorist groups ie Hamas Hezbollah Islamic Jihad the PLO, Isis, Isil, Al Queda - with help from the CIA & M16- so whose the real terrorist now when we throw in the USS Liberty, JFK and 9/11?

Israel which at least three genetic studies, run by Jews, peer reviewed, one from John Hopkins School of Medicine, have proven what many have long known and even Jewish archives, Jewish anthropologists and sociologists, linguists and historians have long said: Jews have zero “Semitic” genes, are Khazarian and Ashkenazi Turks and descend from Esau and the Edomite Hivvite Hittite Canaanite bitterest ENEMIES of the Jews, those who wished to destroy Jacob and his descendants and steal back the “birthright” Esau forfeited being a p.o.s. and murderer who disrespected his parents wishes and Gods orders by marrying into the fallen bloodline. Therefore they have ZERO claim to the Palestinians land- especially considering they have been proven in studies to have more Semitic genes than today’s Fake Jew Imposters, the literal, self proclaimed and admitted Serpent Worshipping, self described “Serpent Race”.

Israel and her “Jews”, with their jaw dropping and unbelievably disgusting racist Noahide Laws, which LITERALLY demand that ALL 7.5 BILLION of the world’s non Jews come before them on our knees and acknowledge them our genetic and racial superiors and worship them as our “Jew God-Men”. But those of us they reject or who won’t- according to Noahide Law- must be “immediately beheaded”! That’s 7.5 BILLION non Jews being enslaved or beheaded MK is the puny 14 million Jews- and they’ve already admitted they won’t be able to “manage” that many “Goy” so- off with our heads! This is ranted about by non other than Israel’s two top Rabbis, so DONT even try to deny it Jews. And our Manchurian candidate the Zionist CIA puppet who illegally occupied our White House for 8 years too long- actually Unconstitutionally signed Noahide Law onto our books at a ceremony in which Orthodox Rabbis loomed rabidly over his pathetic shoulder.

I could get into the entire 9/11 Mossad Art Students and proof Netanyahu and Silverstein profited illegally off their False Flag and how since then they’ve been training our police forces
against our own people in Israel, Professor Dr. Martin’s black history studies and proofs of Jews being overwhelmingly behind all sides of the slave trade, their illegal attacks and slanders and lies about him, their typical smears dirty tricks and slanders, attempts to have him fired and his tenure revoked- but I know I’m speaking to the choir.

Suffice it to say great work and keep up the fight- the victory is already ours but it’s imperative we follow through.

Best regards always,