Friday, October 2, 2015

Oregon Community College "Shooting" Psyop-Hoax

Mother of student says that her son "didn't hear any shots", and thinks the whole thing "was a drill":

Alleged "eyewitness" at the scene of the crime sounds like she is reading a script, strangely giggling and laughing while giving "account", and says she informed another girl at the scene that an "active shooter" was on the scene!  No common person uses the phrase "active shooter".  That is terminology that a person involved in a DRILL or in planning these psyops would use!

Supposed "father of a victim" who has supposedly been shot and survived gives bizarre interview, where he refers to the supposed shooter as a "gentleman" (lol):

Supposed "friend of a victim who was shot and is in surgery" and a woman who went to the college give very bizarre interviews where they are laughing and smiling ear-to-ear....making the best of their "15 minutes of fame".

Supposed father of supposed shooter immediately campaigning for gun control, saying that "if his son didn't have access to 14 guns, this wouldn't have happened."

Interview with a student at the college who says he was right across from the building where this supposedly happened, and he heard absolutely no gunfire, didn't see any victims, and basically didn't see anything at all.

Look at the comments on the video of Obama's press conference on this Oregon "incident" as proof that the people are waking up (95%+  of comments are not buying the official story, and calling it a psyop, etc).


Wes Martin said...

Strange how everyone says "active shooter" while the events are hnfolding. Any normal person says shooter or gunman. Active shooter definitely says DRILL.

One of the military personnel shot in Chattanooga texted his girlfriend saying "ACTIVE SHOOTER". Before he was shot.

Must be coincidence of course

Anonymous said...

It is reported that when the first police arrived they began by searching all students while their hands were raised. The purpose must have been to search for and seize cell phones, as that is what they actually did. Controlling information was the first priority of the LEOs, but it also prohibited students from making any necessary communications.

Anonymous said...

Oregon Site of Numerous “Active Shooter Drills,” Received Million$ in Federal Grants
October 3, 2015 James Tracy
Max Quigley Report

"Umpqua College hosts the police academy:
“The Academy is conducted in conjunction with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Roseburg, Winston, Sutherlin, Myrtle Creek Police Departments, and Oregon State Police.”"

"Umpqua College has nursing program too – and in mass casualty training events medical students are often required to be ‘volunteers’"
Here (pdf) Oregon discusses their obsession with holding shooter drills after a Happy Valley mall shooting: "

"Umpqua College was also recently awarded a federal grant of $2.2 million. ( That’s huge money for a small rural college."

"So put together and you have a campus that is going to get a lot of money, students in police and nursing willing to play along for jobs and benefits, and you ‘lock-down’ the rest of the students so they don’t know what is happening."