Monday, August 17, 2015

Alex Jones goes on rant to attack white nationalists, and deflect from the fact that he's controlled opposition obfuscating the jewish direction of the NWO

A caller brings up the subject of David Duke and how whites/Europeans are under attack as a race, and Alex Jones goes into about a 30 minute long screaming rant.

Any time the subject of white nationalism (which is white SURVIVALISM, not white "supremacism" as Alex keeps saying) or jewish power and direction of the NWO is brought up, Alex Jones flips his lid and goes ballistic.  This is strong evidence for the fact that Alex Jones is jewish-controlled false opposition.  As such, he will not allow "white nationalism" or identification of jewish power and the jewish direction of the NWO conspiracy to be seriously discussed on his show -- and goes into full-blown attack mode to attempt to discredit these views/issues.

From the Alex Jones radio show on Friday, August 14, 2015.  Call from "Frank in North Carolina" begins the clip, taking place at around 3 hrs, 0 minutes into the show.

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