Sunday, June 21, 2015

U.S. Government Paying off Crisis Actors with $29 Million For Charleston Shooting Hoax

This is unprecedented. Thousands of people are murdered in the United States every year. Does the U.S. Justice Departement fast track all murder victims' families MILLIONS of dollars each?   Of course not.

When have they ever done anything like this?  Probably never.

So why are they doing this for this particular event???


U.S. Justice Dept to Fast Track $29 Million to Help Charleston Shooting Victims' Families (pay off crisis actors?)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Justice Department will fast track the sending of $29 million to South Carolina to help families of victims of the mass murder of nine churchgoers at a historic black church in Charleston, a Justice Department spokesman said on Friday.

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Stratoleft said...

Considering also the fact that this entire "shooting" is fake, this is nothing less than pure embezzlement.