Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Sandy Hook Bizarro Show

Very good compilation of bizarre clips from the Sandy Hook psyop.  Only 6 minutes, and will open the eyes of those still believing the "official" story/hoax. 

Selected YouTube comments (over 99% of comments agree it was a psyop):

If I didn't know this was all a damn hoax, you'd think with the reaction of these damn parents that this was the aftermath of a succefull hit on the children that got killed. Like the damn parents all pooled in and payed someone to off their kids, I've never seen such happy parents to move on. what a joke.

Are there two people that deserve a severe beating more than Gene Rosen and Robbie Parker? I want to see Rosen's face "frozen in fear" right before people kick his lying, untalented, opportunistic ass and then watch Robbie Parker cry like a little bitch....since his daughter's "death" apparently wasn't painful enough.

The coroner/ chief medical examiner doesn't know what a field hospital is? He knows it's magnificent and it's a thing, but he doesn't know what it's called? I could qualify for his job,........... I knew it was a thing also.

There was no Adam Lanza, victims, or dead mom. All made up for tv bullshit.  I live near Columbine where there was a REAL school shooting. I saw it. School shot to hell. Gruesome brutal murders from surveillance cams plastered all over the tv/news. Even Howard Stern had fun with it. (sick fuck that he is) Hundreds of kids being evacuated as fast as they could. So lets talk about Sanyhook. Where was the 100K dollar surveillance system supposedly installed the year before? And news-helicopters on the spot instantly and ONE still photo of about 9 kids out of 600 being told to run with their eyes closed?...REALLY?  Who tells kids to run with their eyes closed? LOL  OH !!   There was one bullet hole shown (on tv) with rust on it but "hundreds" reported fired...LOL  What about zero emergency services called? Then there's the victims....anyone see one? Anyone?   Anyone? Anyone?  Now there's the Adam Lanza miracle too. Frail little 126 lb Adam Lanza has 4 hand guns and AR-15 with HUNDREDS of rounds to shoot with accuracy of an Israeli commando. (not to mention the armor and tactical gear) Hell Rambo couldn't have done so good...LOL  This is a made up, paid for by government (or maybe Bloomberg) bullshit less than (B) grade production for news/tv lie to the public for the purpose of killing our rights guaranteed in the bill of rights. Now lets talk about Newtown. Tax and sales records for homes are public information. Check ANY home address in Newtown. You'll be shocked. All sold for a reasonable price then zero to five dollars. Sound fishy to you? I'd like to buy my house for five dollars. People pick a movie apart for not seeming real enough and a terrible (obvious) production like this is on tv, and it's GOT to be the real thing..LOL    Anyone see a movie called Funny Farm?  LOL

Robbie Parker needs to live the remainder of his pathetic life enduring continuous ass kickings with his own reserved bed at Shock Trauma.  ...even that is too good for him

wayne CARVER !!?? ...... wierdo robbie 'laughing' parker with children who have no legs ? ..... the perp .... a composite made from his older brother plus a strange haircut in the shape of a german helmet ! the happiest ,most excepting well adjusted group of parents ever to have their children heinously slaughtered ... gene rosen (lets not even go there)..... truly theater of the absurd  

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