Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sandy Hook crisis actors possibly linked to a musical school in Fairfield, CT called the "School of Rock"

Title of video in YouTube: "Sandy Hook, Finally Answered - Part 1"

About video: This video covers evidence that the CIA Clandestine Services and Department of Homeland Security were involved in perpetrating the Sandy Hook psyop -- including the "Everyone Must Check In" sign placed at the Firehouse.

Title of video in YouTube: "Sandy Hook - Finally the Answers Part 2 Kids and Adam Lanza!"

About video: This video covers the alleged resemblance of many of the children involved in the Sandy Hook psyop to a musical academy school located in Farifield, Connecticut named the "School of Rock".  One student at this school looks remarkably similar to "Adam Lanza" and is now apparently deceased, by "coincidence".  Perhaps the hoaxers used a real photograph of this student and altered his face with photoshop, in order to create the ridiculous (and blatantly photoshopped) iconic photograph of "Adam Lanza".


Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook was so fake! Noah Pozner keeps dying all over the world, at different "school shootings."

Lenny Pozner (the fake father) is too busy censoring Sandy Hoax videos to watch his own son.

Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook (Newtown CT), then died AGAIN in Pakistan (during another fake school shooting). BBC TV showed photos of Noah during the Pakistan memorial.

If Lenny Pozner took better care of Noah, perhaps Noah would stop dying so often. I wonder what Veronique Pozner (the "mother") thinks of her son dying every 2 years.

Many believe Veronique Pozner (Diplomat attached to Embassy of Switzerland in DC) is pushing some kind of UN Agenda 21 Gun Control scam:

Anderson Cooper's nose vanished because he attended the Noah Pozner memorial via Green Screen from a different city. Here's Anderson interviewing Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) outside the (fake) memorial:

Agenda21Truth said...

Your information in the videos is important, but it's so painful to listen to BECAUSE YOU WONT SPIT IT OUT!