Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Prof. Jim Fetzer on the Charleston shooting psyop

Points from video and Fetzer's analysis:

1.  Barack Obama claims that he personally knew many of the members of the congregation at the church, including the pastor.  What a "coincidence".  What are the odds of that?
2.  On the day of the alleged "shooting", Hillary Clinton was in Charleston, South Carolina.  She spent that day campaigning/fundraising, and spoke at a technical school in North Charleston, and one of the alleged victims, South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney was at the event.  What a "coincidence".  What are the odds of that?  (see this article)
3.  This church in Charleston is supposedly one of the most "sacred" churches for the black American community in the entire United States, as it was involved in the "Underground Railroad" to free African slaves.  Well isn't that "convenient" for the agenda the Marxist/NWO Establishment is pushing?  Almost like Hollywood scripted it.

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