Sunday, June 21, 2015

Miscellaneous links, info and comments on the alleged Charleston Church shooting


1.  South Carolina Church Shooting: Were Photos of Dylann Storm Roof Digitally Altered? Disturbing Forensic Evidence

2.Charleston Shooting: Typical American Psyop

3.Charleston Shooting HOAX - WRONG DATE & TIME on CCTV Camera Footage

4. Charleston Church Shooting Hoax

5. U.S. to Fast Track $29 Million to Help Charleston Shooting Victims' Families (pay off crisis actors?)

6. Jim Fetzer: South Carolina Church Shooting: 10 signs it was another "false flag"

7. Realist Report: Charleston shooting a probable false flag

8. Realist Report: White supremacists are the next target in the global war on terror



The Roof’s 2,500 word ”manifesto” was obviously written by a professional writer. It could not have been researched and written by Roof who is a semi-illiterate school dropout.
The recently released cornball photos of Roof were staged by a professional photographer. The poses of him are silly beyond belief. The worst cornball photo is the one of his Glock gun on the bed with bullets artfully tossed nearby. Laughable. You have to be brain dead to believe this nonsense. Its 100% propaganda.
Roof is being handled by government operators. His employers are releasing dribs and drabs of information to convince the gullible.

Source: No Disinfo


Here comes Day 5. Still not one photo of the bloody crime scene Bible Study room. Not one photo of the 9 bodies being removed from the church. Where are they…still on the floor in that room?
I think I can see why all the ”forgiveness”. That sends the message that black people are good people and no matter if a little white boy kills grandma, we blacks forgive him immediately. How absurd. That’s not the way real emotions work but that is the way fake emotions work in the fantasy world of gun hoaxes that have a sick agenda.
Now the contrived ”manifesto” and staged photos. They’ve used that scenario before. Will they use it again, again and again?
Didn’t they learn as with Sandy Hoax that these frauds just don’t work. Its like seeing the same boring movie over and over and over.

Source: No Disinfo

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