Saturday, June 20, 2015

Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors? - "We Feel Nothing But Love"

This is an interview with Chris and Camryn, children of alleged victim Sharonda Coleman-Singleton. They display extremely bizarre behavior, showing no emotion and claiming to have already forgiven the shooter.

That video/interview is devastating. We all know how black people typically react when dealing with family members who are murdered. It's usually hysterical crying, screaming, and displays of anger. Yet, in this interview given only 24 hours after their mother was supposedly gunned down by a "white racist", they display hardly any emotion at all. One of the girls is smiling. Not even the faintest display of grief or anger.

The "son" (actor) seems like he has been coached and is just repeating rehearsed lines, using language/verbiage that seems out of place, like he typically would not use.  He says that he was "briefed" by the authorities. "Briefed"? Very strange terminology to use, isn't it? Almost like someone working with the government on the "event".

Title of video in YouTube: "Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors "We Feel Nothing But Love" Exposed" 
YouTube user who uploaded video: "TeamWakeEmUP"

Still image from above video of Camryn, daughter of Sharona Singleton.  Here is another interview with Camryn, by arch BS shill Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Selected YouTube comments:

Lil girl didn't even know when she saw her mother.. She was like yesterday morning?? Her tone said it all..smdh

100% GUN GRAB OP ! My mother died 8 years ago of natural causes and I still tear up taking about her. These people are full of SHIT ! 100% fake

He has been coached. Some of the phrases he uses sound like he is having trouble because they aren't how he would say them. Sounds like a nervous actor just trying to get it over with and say things correctly then exit stage right.
Okay, as an African-American Man, I cannot even IMAGINE being that well composed and emotionally detached if my mother was gunned down in a hail of bullets by a racist white boy while she was praying only a day earlier!!! I would be seething with vengeful racist anger, pain and rage... PERIOD!!! And the sista's comment of: "I'm a little, bitter, but..." is literally LAUGHABLE!!! I actually chuckled aloud and nearly fell out of my chair because, growing up in the Southern baptist church, I know firsthand how my people lose it during tragic deaths, and THAT GIRL'S NONCHALANT REACTION WAS JUST UNBELIEVABLE!!! I know it's early, but I gotta run with my gut and call this story complete bullsh*t, too

We gotta remember these kids in this video probably had no idea they were gonna be used in this way. They just wanted to recite their lines and collect their money. Of course they probably signed non-disclosure forms so now they gotta be quiet.

Are You fucking Serious? Who directed this? Wheres the producer? What the hell are they thinking? "LOVE?" " HUGGS AND PHONE CALLS????" WTF??? Whose running the show over there? Ive seen 3 grade school plays with better actors.  CHEAP real Fucken CHEAP AMERICA.You can spend Millions of dollars on movies about blue people who fuck trees but you cant get a couple of half way decent actors for your little Active Shooter They killed my mom but thats ok because of the LOVE ass bullshit hoaxes. Its really getting old now kind of like after Chrissy Snow left 3's Company.

I just watched the arraignment of Dylan Roof. I'm confused , so help me out here. Is it customary for victim's families to address the defendant at arraignment??

I cannot believe my eyes and ears this is pathetic. What is wrong with the American public to believe this crap. Ridiculous.  They forgive Dylann Roof really and what sort of name is that anyway.
I called this the moment I saw the killers creepy photo! Another race baiting hoax! This one was easy. If you'll look at the two photos the media has been showing: one showing the "alleged" killer pulling into a parking lot and the other with the "alleged" killer entering the "alleged" church door. Both photos show the "alleged" killers car. You will notice two major differences. One photo shows the parking spot being straight where as the other, diagonal. Also one photo shows a blue parking head where as the other shows all yellow parking heads. Caught! These people are so fucking dumb they can't even plan the event right! They need to hire me, I won't fuck it up! Private message me with a job opportunity please.... This is just frickin stupid!
To be honest...sometimes I hope for another of these hoaxes to appear so I can hear J breaking their psy-ops to pieces by analyzing it so eloquently and oh  so damn funny. It is ridicolous how anyone with half his brain left could fall for such a crappy script. Unbelievable. But...anyway: Thanks, J.

Classic crisis acting.  Notice there are several moments when it appears the girl wants to break out into laughter. This footage alone exposes the whole thing as a hoax. And, as with every hoax shooting massacre, it's always about immediate love and acceptance for the alleged perpetrator. This is how they bring us into the new "reality" they're creating out of this perpetual death culture that we're living in. These are classic psychological techniques they're using to mold people's minds to make way for this new world order where everything is turned on its head.
Ha ha. The spirit of gene rosen is strong in these youngsters.

Holy shit man. You crack my ass up... Thank you for spreading Truth. and for doing it in a hilarious way... so good

THAT "lOOk" both of them have on their faces, is the signature of Reticence. Their mind is racing while being interviewed by the corporate whore media person.. thinking: WHAT have I gotten myself into? HOW much trouble could I potentially get into, here?? I WONDER if the money I'll get is really worth it???

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