Saturday, June 20, 2015

Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors Already Forgive Dylann Roof; Family addresses defendant at arraingment; Whole thing looks like a movie set, not a real courtroom/jail

In this video, alleged "victim's family members" are allowed to address the suspect ("Dylann Roof") at the arraignment.  This seems extremely odd, and against normal protocol.  As far as I know, in criminal proceedings in the United States, the victim's family members are only allowed to address the suspect/defendant after a conviction has been given by the court/jury, in the sentencing phase of the trial.

Also, notice the police officers standing behind Roof on the television feed wearing tactical gear.  This seems staged and fake, and also not normal protocol.   It looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie, not an actual arraignment and jail.  

This thing is looking like a Government-staged psyop. 

Title of video in YouTube: "Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors Already Forgive Dylann Roof (Redsilverj)"
YouTube user who uploaded video: "TeamWakeEmUP"

Selected YouTube user comments:

Wow victim impact statements before the bodies are even cold come on what the hells going on here. The victim impact statements are ALWAYS reserved for the sentencing phase after a trial takes place these people think we're all dumb.Fake ass propaganda...

Anyone else wondering why the family members are addressing the accused at his arraignment?  This is not done until sentencing.   The judge allowing this man to be treated as if he is presumed guilty is unheard of.  This would be grounds for appeal if any of this was real.

this whole set up looks like something out of a movie!! This whole set up with him on the screen and the guys behind him. I've never seen anything like this. They don't do this in real life. So fake!

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