Sunday, May 17, 2015

Two actors carry a fake ("dummy") child at the Boston "bombing" psyop

In the Boston Bombing psyop, one of the more glaring "oddities" exposing the event as a hoax is the case of two actors carrying a "dummy" fake child.  The way the "child" is held and carried by the actors clearly demonstrates that it cannot be a real child -- with the actors appearing to exert very little physical effort (using one arm) to be carrying what would be a 50 or 60 pound child.  Furthermore, the "child" is stiff and does not move, having legs articulated at a 90 degree angle at the knee for minutes at a time without any movement.

Woman #1 holding dummy

Woman #2 holding dummy

Video analysis of women holding dummy:

Commentary from Max Resistance:

We find an actor carrying a FAKE child for over 90 seconds without any rush to get away from the dangerous BOMB SCENE. When she finally takes this DUMMY away she returns within seconds to hang around the scene doing absolutely nothing but look ugly…with no concern about her child that she has dumped.
We then see another woman holding the DUMMY and the DUMMY is in the same position it was the whole time with the Beast.

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