Sunday, May 17, 2015

Iconic "photo" of "Adam Lanza" is obviously a photoshopped fake

This is the "photograph" of the supposed person "Adam Lanza", whom the government and communist-run lamestream Establishment media tells us perpetrated the Sandy Hook "shooting", which everyone is now learning is an obvious government-staged psyop to attack gun rights, as well as demonized home-schooling.

Just LOOK at that.  Is that the best "photograph" the lamestream media could find?  Does that even look like a real photograph to you?

Researchers looking into the background of this supposed "Adam Lanza" have not been able to find much.  It is looking more and more possible and likely that he did not exist at all.

Two "photographs" of "Adam Lanza", supposedly taken 4 years apart s(howing him at ages 16 and 20) are EXACTLY the same image, as proven by analysis in photoshop.


Do drills involve fake boogeymen – to terrorize American parents that "their kid will die next?" Adam Lanza's two school ID cards were manufactured from the exact same "face image."  Watch how they overlay perfectly:

But wait, that's impossible – because Adam's ID photos were supposedly taken 4 years apart:  First when Adam was 16, then again when Adam was 20.

Try this experiment:  Compare photos of yourself (or your child) at age 16, and age 20. Can the photos be overlaid perfectly with every facial feature precisely matching, at the same angle? No, they cannot. Real photos don't precisely match other photos. Manuactured photos do.

This is sick stuff, folks. Only a National Socialist Regime would plant fake evidence at an abandoned school, set-dress a fictional shooter's "house," and pay actors to tour the USA posing as parents of children murdered during a "historic school shooting." 

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