Sunday, May 17, 2015

Death Certificates have never been released for the (mythical) "victims" of the Sandy Hoax shooting; State of Connecticut passes unprecedented law preventing release of public records, including birth & death certificates

Source: CASE CLOSED? Review of the Alleged Sandy Hook Hoax

After Sandy Hoax, following 6 months of journalists demanding (public record) Death Certificates for the 26 victims, the Newtown Town Clerk couldn't stall any longer.

So CT changed the law, to threaten Town Clerks across CT:  If a town clerk does her job, she gets 5 years in prison. 

That's right. At 2AM, CT crammed through "public record lock-down" laws, and Governor Malloy signed them.  Look them up:  Senate Bill 388. Raised Bill 1054. HB 5733.

They lock down all Death/Birth Certificates, Homicide records, and pediatric autopsy records – across the State of Connecticut. Not just for Sandy Hook – ALL records for the whole State.

So when we ask for (public record) Death Certificates, we notice a Felony (5-year prison term) waiting for any public employee who releases them.  After hundreds of years, CT death certificates are no longer public record.

Let that sink in. Citizens are NO LONGER allowed to know who is murdered in CT; how each murder victim is killed; or which person/organization did the murdering. Those are "privacy issues" now, according to CT Governor Malloy, Wayne Carver, and various public officials.

Those are indeed "privacy" issues – they protect the privacy of organized crime and corrupt officials as they murder people and dispose of the bodies. Want to know why your neighbor was found dead in the woods? Too bad – it's none of your business. If the town clerk shows you the cause of death, that clerk is going to prison for 5 years.


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