Monday, May 18, 2015

Boston bombing Psyop superstar "Jeff Bauman" - Laughable smoking gun evidence of the hoax

This is the iconic photograph from the Boston smoke "bomb" psyop - which was intended to emotionally traumatize the American public, and instill the "horror" of this event into the minds of the masses.   But dare to use your intellect for just a few seconds.

Is this proper protocol by the medics "attending" to this man who has supposedly just had his legs blown off? Would he not be rapidly losing blood, and therefore the medics would lay him on his back, and elevate his legs?  Of course.  This is standard procedure that any competent medical personnel would follow in such a situation.  Yet they sit this man up in a wheelchair instead of on a stretcher??  Absolutely unthinkable.

And then we have the hero cowboy running along pinching Jeff's artery to prevent him from bleeding out??  Give us a break.

This is so beyond ludicrous.

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