Monday, January 12, 2015

And it begins: Jews now openly arguing for anti "hate speech" laws to destroy freedom of speech in the United States

Article: "Here Is Why It’s Time To Get Tough On Hate Speech In America" by Tanya Cohen

Another article from same author...she is arguing that it is a "human right under international law" (the United Nations) that "minorities" be protected from speech that offends them.

"Why Do Americans Reject Human Rights When The Whole World Embraces Them?" by Tanya Cohen


Anonymous said...

Lone Wolf, The jews have seen an opportunity to turn the increasingly unpopular Islamic immigration in Europe - which the jews have themselves been pushing [see link] - into a play for jewish sympathy and control by utilizing false flag terrorism and the jews controlled media. That they see a chance to strike against speech in the US is not surprising. A few links to remind us:

"Maurice Sinet, 86, who works under the pen name Sine in the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, faced charges of "inciting racial hatred" for a column he wrote in 2009.
"L'affaire Sine" followed the engagement of Mr Sarkozy, 22, to Jessica Sebaoun-Darty, the Jewish heiress of an electronic goods chain. Commenting on an unfounded rumour that the president's son planned to convert to Judaism, Sine quipped: "He'll go a long way in life, that little lad."

"Heres a sample of Charlie Hedbo wit by Georges Wolinski (a Tunisian Jew):

[ Images are at the link]

Cannibal One asks should we rape the naked blonde Naked Blonde Yes Yes Second Cannibal No lets not rape her it spoils the meat

The amazing PR exercise in turning or trying to turn Charlie Hedbo into victims of Freedom of Expression fell flat in the face when it emerged that Hedbo had in fact fired a cartoonist Sine for an ‘Anti Semitic” cartoon back in 2009 about then President Sarkozys sons conversion to Judaism"

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^ Flanders,

Good to hear from you again. Thanks for the information. This site is good to get in contact with me (as I continually check for comments), or you can email me at

Anonymous said...

"This is why Monsanto's whores, the US government, keeps attacking Russia and its allies: Russia's President Putin Signs GMO Labeling Liability Law | 3 Jan 2015 |

Russian President Vladimir Putin [an actual leader who *cares* about the citizens of Russia, unlike the Wall Street dirt-bags running the US] has signed the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences into law, including a new article establishing liability for the violation of mandatory requirements for the labeling of food products that contain GMOs. Putin signed the new bill on the last day of 2014 TASS news agency reported. The bill which was submitted by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) imposes fines for vague or unclear labeling on food products containing genetically modified ingredients."

Ukraine President Quietly Meets George Soros + Russia to Block All Gas to Europe Via Ukraine!


Anonymous said...

Paris Shooting Suspect Met With FBI Asset Anwar al-Awlaki Back In 2011