Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New documentary: "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook"

This documentary video has been repeatedly censored and taken down by YouTube (bogusly claiming terms of service violations).  If the embedded videos below do not work, then simply search the title of the documentary (""We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook").

Or watch on the website of the producers of the film:


IMDB on this documentary: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4245810/

Infowars' take:

A loose coalition of concerned citizen journalists known as the Independent Media Solidarity have produced an in-depth, well-researched documentary regarding the countless anomalies, inconsistencies and discrepancies evident in the Sandy Hook school shooting investigation.

The video is a tell-all, leave no stone unturned work that coalesces hundreds of data points which researchers laboriously spent countless hours compiling.

“The consensus amongst the group is that the Sandy Hook event is largely or entirely fraudulent,” the video concludes. “To what degree is not certain. The extent of the criminality and how far it reaches into other areas is likewise not certain. However, the group is equally or even more concerned about the greater implications, the ripple effect.”

Henry Makow: "Sandy Hook Film Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation"


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Ellie Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for publishing the Sandy Hook truth. Do you have this one on your site? It exposes the background of some of the "parents" of Sandy Hook.

Ellie Cavanaugh said...

I consider infowars and David Icke as having questionable agendas. However, here is an interesting photo they're posting of Sandy Hook "victim" Noah Pozner's picture on a recent school shooting memorial poster in Peshawar, Pakistan.