Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wolfgang Halbig's letter to Connecticutt State Police Lt. Paul Vance

Demon pig Paul Vance


Your Governor awarded Ct State Troopers awards for climbing through the shot out glass window. How is that even possible?

The school has a total of 59 rooms including closets in which Barbara Halstead the fire chief's wife of Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire department and the school's registered nurse supposedly where hiding and with over 100 police officers in an out of that school with canines you cannot find them until 1:15 pm on Dec 14, 2012.

The dash cam videos on Master Sgt. Davis shows food being delivered at 12:39 a, on Dec 14, 2012 and taken inside the Sandy Hook School.

How can you guys eat after seeing 20 children and teachers massacred inside the school that you are now eating in?

It least your had custom made sandwiches and even bananas delivered.

You swore that the CT State Police was going to search every crook and cranny of that school on National television was that just to sound good?

You should be ashamed of your actions as a professional police officer by being part of this conspiracy which created Panic and Fear throughout this country. It has Inflicted Emotional Distress on millions and I mean millions of Americans and you participated in this FRAUD.

Sure they told you that you are protected by immunity but what you did is cruel and uncalled for. You have been taught right from wrong and you know that this was just wrong.

No School principal in this country would ever allow her school to be so filthy and deplorable looking both inside and out.

This school was a Toxic Waste Dump.

Speaking of Dump that is exactly what the Governors commission investigating Sandy Hook called the CT State final Police report.

You are a bunch of sick people using children and teachers as props to accomplish what?
You and your son should truly be ashamed of your actions on that Day.


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