Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Official State of Connecticut Forensic Report shows that Nancy Lanza NOT killed by Adam Lanza, but by 3rd party!! DNA evidence matched convicted felon!!


"tin-foilers" they screamed 

what does this mean again? 

It means that DNA found on the rifles, pistol grips, bullets found at the Sandy Hook crime scene does not belong to Adam Lanza or his mother.

Furthermore this report also reveals a sealed white envelope found on Adam Lanza that was addressed “For the young students of Sandy Hook Elementary School” had a convicted felons DNA on the adhesive part you lick and the back of the stamp.

It was never revealed what was contained within this envelope.

It is actually pretty solid evidence that what we were told happened that day in Sandy Hook is far from the truth.

This report was obtained by way of FOIA request by the reporter Fran Berkman and is legitimate.

The question is who the fuck is the convicted felon and why did he lick the back of the envelope and put the stamp on, and how did Lanza get it?

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