Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gene Rosen BUSTED in a lie and caught flubbing his story in an "out take" that got released: Camera man gasps at his mistake, and Rosen acknowledges it, talking to camera man by name

Gene tells two different stories. The OFFICIAL story is that he let children into his house, and only after 15-20 minutes did they tell him that their teacher had been shot. In an outtake of his "testimony", he messes up and says that the children IMMEDIATELY started talking about their teacher being shot after getting to his house. The camera operator audibly gasps, Rosen acknowledges him, and then seems to say "Sorry Matt...", and then goes on rambling.

This is a MUST WATCH video.  He is BUSTED!!

By the way, Gene Rosen was key in the "movie script" of Sandy Hook in order to "speak for the children" and "corroborate" the official story about "Lanza having a big gun and a small gun", "Victoria Soto shot in the head", etc. Children could not be trusted by hoaxers to tell the lies, or do the acting. They needed an adult.

Title of video in YouTube: "Sandy Hook HOAX:Gene Rosen's NONSENSE Analyzed"


phyllis66 said...

This Rosen character makes me sick just to watch him. Bad actor isn't even an accurate description. How about lying Jew bastard?
He is Jewish. Israel kills Palestinian children all the time. His "how could anybody kill children?" is downright disgusting.

Anonymous said...

The sunglasses help hide his eyes.