Thursday, July 17, 2014

Retired Border Patrol Officer, Zach Taylor: US Govt is Aiding Illegal Alien Invasion to "Bring Down America", Raises possiblity of "asymetric warfare"

Absolute BOMBSHELL interview.  An absolute MUST WATCH.

Title of video in YouTube: "Zack Interview-Security on the border between USA and Mexico"

This man was in Border Patrol intelligence regarding illegal drug trafficking.  He states that those controlling the US Government are aiding and engineering this illegal alien invasion to "bring down America" (his exact words).  He also raises the very interesting point that the Border Patrol has now been moved away from the border and is no longer defending the border (but rather tending to all the illegals being housed).  This means our border with Mexico is now significantly undefended, opening us up to invasion by whomever -- eg, terrorists with biological or nuclear weapons.  Anything.  This could be the "cover" and strategy, as part of "asymmetric warfare" (as he says)  for the criminal elite controlling the US government to allow enemies to get inside the gates.  He also states, quote, that "FEMA is preparing for the deaths of 200 million Americans", and alludes to a biological outbreak.  Something very big could soon be coming to this nation.  Very serious times we are living in.

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