Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Guerrilla Report 7.16.14" - MEGA RED ALERT!!! US AF General up for Joint Chief of Staff asked to fire on US citizens, US dollarcollapse by end 2015, US will no longer exist by end 2017 !!!!!

According to the intel from this General, by the end of 2017, the United States will no longer exist.  A default on the debt will probably facilitate this, from the economic collapse from 2016.  This General then says that we will be "shock merged" into a North American Union.  A bioweapon will most likely be released at some point.  The General is now looking to leave the country, and the show host recommends this may be our best option.


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Guerrilla.Report 07.16.14

== Main ideas from audio recording ==

Info coming from a 4 star general of asymmetrical warfare

General HAS BEEN PROPOSED - to sign a FISA job contract for commanding officer
With condition: to kill citizens in homeland.
General REFUSED!

They envision a buildup of events:
Illegals coming 1 million/year during a period of 15 years to build a force
Complete collapse of dollar by end of 2015 (problem starts Apr-2014 that push away from the US dollar)
By end 2017 – will announce no more USA – NAU will replace
Major economic upheaval
Reports for mass-media already prepared to be feed to population and brainwash
Build of Silk Road - from London to Busan – only for military & commercial
This road made of supper concrete, covered with special asphalt reinforced with fiberglass

The new structure of control
The financial control will be from City of London
The religious control – from Vatican
The military – run by the elements from DC relocated in Denver, Colorado (probable under that creepy airport)
The industrial - will be run by China

Drone pilot program
Drone program is very compartmentalized!
The pilot teams of 2, they are always monitored and spied on
The regime is looking for people capable to kill other people by drones w/o remorse
Even when dismissed from duty, they are followed by armed guards until exit the unit nd reach home

Population control
The “Sleeping Giant” aka the people - is dead – it has been killed during its sleep by govt operatives
The people that are training shooting targets, they are not emotionally capable to handle the killing of others
They have no emotional training to do killings and therefore they cannot stand against tactical ops teams
Regular people they have no idea of the force that it coming against them such:
- hundreds thousands of mercs (G4S, Halliburton, Bechtel,etc)
- they will use force multipliers (drones, etc)
- they have prepared in advance, in key locations in US – bioweapons
- pneumonic plague - kill 20 mil peeps in 3 days – contaminating water, food air with a 98% kill ratio

Cover-up Action
Very high level of covert op to cause chaos
When they will start that
- all airports and ports will be closed
- all people passports will be cancelled
- special covert ops will guard these and will kill anyone trying to evade
Usual in chaos situation people with money they are fleeing out
The speaker is instructed by the general, to leave country, as he and his wife is intending to do

Collapsing of US dollar end of 2015
Dissolution of US, by end of 2017

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