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Boston Bombing Psyop Summary and Overview

Do you believe this is what it seems?


I've extensively looked into this, and like with so many other high-profile "events" such as the OKC bombing, 9/11, and Sandy Hook, the official story is a fraud.  This is the conclusion the evidence overwhelmingly leads to.  But one can only recognize the validity of this conclusion if they actually examine the evidence.  Thus, I highly encourage anyone reading this to actually look at the evidence provided below, especially the 3 videos marked "MUST WATCH" (in red).

Before getting to the evidence, I want to address the issue of why this was staged/hoaxed.  First off, the criminals controlling our government need terrorism as the pretext for the tyrannical police state they want to establish.  But since acts of "organic" (non-government) terrorism perpetrated by common citizens is so extremely rare in the United States, the criminal government is forced to manufacture or fabricate the "terrorism".  Furthermore, the reason to HOAX the "terrorist" event (with actors, etc), I surmise, is that they believe they can better "manage" the event that way.  If you have a real attack with people actually being injured or killed, it leads to an investigation, lawsuits, etc which could lead to the perpetrators, and ultimately to the criminals at the highest levels of government who orchestrated the attack (eg, OKC bombing).  But with actors, and a drill that goes "live", they perhaps think they can better get away with it.


A) Bombing - Harmless smoke bomb DRILL, actors used as "victims"

1. Reports establish that they were running a "bomb drill" on the day of the Boston Marathon.  A witness reported that prior to the bombing there were bomb-sniffing dogs on the scene, spotters on the roofs of buildings, and announcements on loud speakers saying "Do not worry. This is a training exercise." 

Local Runner Noticed Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Heard announcements on loud speakers saying "Do not worry.  This is a training exercise."  (**MUST WATCH !!**)

Big "coincidence", right?

2.  Analysis of the video shows NO BLOOD in the immediate aftermath of the (smoke/flash) "bombs" going of.  NO BLOOD on the peoples' bodies, NO BLOOD on the ground.  None whatsoever.  Zilch.  An amputee actor, with a prosthetic/fake "bone" protruding from below the knee is even seen with zero blood around his "wound".  Fake blood is later applied on the ground after the fact. 

Watch the following excellent video analyzing this:

Analysis of video/photographs shows NO BLOOD in immediate aftermath (**ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH !!**)

3. The US military officially uses amputee actors to simulate combat situations. 

CNN: Amputee actors help soldiers prepare for war

FOX NEWS:  Amputee actors train soldiers for combat  (**MUST WATCH !!**)

4. Amputee actors were used, including the well-publicized man named "Jeff Bauman" shown being moved away in a wheelchair with both legs supposedly blown off.  There is no tourniquet and no blood spurting.  And this was against protocol, as a man with legs just blown off would be taken off on a stretcher, not with his heart elevated above his legs in a wheelchair.  If that man had really obtained those injuries and was being wheeled off like that without a tourniquet, he would have bled out and died in seconds.

5. Actor with supposed "serious leg injury" SMILING as being carted off, in no pain whatsoever (MUST WATCH)

6. Prop persons throwing dust on the actors (MUST WATCH)

7. "Wheelchair joy rides" for totally UNINJURED actors who were pretending to be first responders (MUST WATCH)

8.  Other crisis actors exposed

B) Tsarnaev brothers are framed patsies

1. The FBI initially lied saying they had "no knowledge" of the Tsarnaev brothers.  Later, they admitted that they were on security watch lists, and actually had connections with FBI/CIA -- ie, were Govt intelligence assets.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI informant, per lawyers.

2. The Tsarnaev brothers' mother says that they were "set up" and framed by the FBI, and that the "FBI had been following them for years".

3. Older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed after taken into custody alive and well ("dead men tell no tales"), not "after an exchange of gunfire", per the official story.

4.  The story of a "7 eleven robbery" was totally unrelated to the Tsarnaev brothers. 

5.  Younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured after hiding out in a boat.  The police claimed they were involved in a "shootout" with Dzhokhar for about an hour, yet he was actually apprehended unarmed.  He was also reportedly captured uninjured.  Yet, later he "conveniently" has a throat injury and can now no longer talk. 

6. Other associates and friends of the Tsarnaev brothers have been prosecuted or intimidated into silence, with one unarmed person, Ibragim Todashev, (who was on crutches at the time) being shot 7 times and murdered by the FBI while at his home, as even Rachel Maddow has acknowledged is very fishy.

7.  Suspicious men reportedly connected to "Craft International" (private military contractors) were at the scene.

C) Miscellaneous

1. Bombing was "predicted" (ie, elite foreknowledge) by an episode of the "Family Guy", which aired 3 weeks prior to the actual bombing.  Discussed here.  The actual portion of this episode is shown in THIS video (MUST WATCH)

2.  Infowars / Alex Jones Report:"Total Proof Boston Bomgings Were a False Flag"

3. Global Research:  "The Boston Bombing Web of Lies"

4.  Natural News: "DHS documents prove Boston Marathon bombing was false flag 'drill' planned months in advance"

5. Five minute overview of the Boston Bombing: "A false flag to condition the American public for a Police State"

6. WGBH News, Greater Boston: "Questioning the Accepted Narrative of the Boston Marathon Bombings" (MUST WATCH)

7.  Educate Yourself: "Indisputable Photo Evidence That the Boston Marathon Bombing Was Staged"  (EXCELLENT; basis for video in item A(2) above)

8.  GoodNewsAboutGod: "Boston Bombing: Government PsyOp"(contains links to tons of other articles at the bottom of the page).

9. Hollywood producer Nathan Folks says Boston Bombing was false-flag fakery

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