Saturday, April 5, 2014

Why did the media report that the Sandy Hook "school nurse" said that Nancy Lanza was a "Kindergarten teacher"?

This reporter claims that she talked to the Sandy Hook "school nurse" (Sallie Cox) in a face to face conversation, and that the nurse told her that she "knew the suspect's mother" (Nancy Lanza) and that she was a "caring experienced Kindergarten teacher".

Of course, now the "official" story on this has all changed, and it is said that Nancy Lanza never worked at Sandy Hook.

And, of course, if the alleged "school nurse" truly told the reporter this, does that not demonstrate that she was not really the school nurse at Sandy Hook, and just another actor in this whole charade?

Title of video in YouTube: "Nancy Lanza A Well Respected kindergarten teacher? @ Sandy Hook?"

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