Monday, March 31, 2014

More Sandy Hook actors? "Parents of Catherine Hubbard" with CIA Anderson Cooper on CNN

No tears.  Not even one sad look on a face.  Lots of smiling, and rambling on and on per the script.  The "mother" says her daughter is "safe now".  Sick.

Selected comments on Youtube:

people who have lost children in accidents etc say very little in reality they do not ramble on and on , smiling and forgiving etc  if you have lost a child words stick in your throat, tears are always a millisecond away and they cannot wait for the interview to end. to return to the shell this kind of event launches you into. These two reptiles can laugh and forgive and talk shite simply because they havnt actually lost anyone. this is dramatizing its repulsive and criminal. the future for these actors will be very uncertain indeed, they have had their payday and their fifteen minutes of fame. They have the rest of their lives still to go ................... 

all these parents smirking while describing and reminiscing about their lost children.... yeah right! I tear up more just thinking about my dog dying, these people are fake as fuck. Anyone who seriously doubts the obvious cannot read facial expressions, demeanors, body language, eye movement, and basic human emotion especially under extreme



No tears one month after a 6 year old is slain by a  gun in a red bloody death? Yeah i buy it!

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