Wednesday, March 19, 2014


A 112 lb. kids carrying 50 to 60 lbs. of gear around and shooting like an expert marksman.

No video of Adam shooting his way into the school even thought they just had gotten the whole damn security system updated.

Not a drop of blood... anywhere.

No video footage or pictures of 500+ students and school staff in a mass evacuation of the school on the day of this "event".

Not a single lawsuit by the parents against the school system. 

A blue screen behind actors at fire department.

Folks walking in circles at the fire department.

Not a single interview with Ryan or Peter Lanza or any of Adams supposed doctors.

A report of a shotgun in Adams glove compartment several months back.

The report of Adam trying to buy a gun at Dicks a day or two before, even though he had many video of that. No reports from any Dicks employees.

Adam Lanza..the only 20 year old in America without a cell phone or cell phone records.

Sally cox in the closet for four hours. It was a closet in the same room where police set up their command center.
The chalk hill school empty and waiting for the Sandy Hook students to move right in. Very convenient right?

The sealing of records and 911 calls.

Jean Henry (Carvers assistant) showing her husband Adams corps.

The statement that the bodies are in the Kitchen???

The five minute shooting spree. Really???

No EMS allowed into the school. WOW!!!!!!!!

Did the police say "Take the life of Adam" Huh?

Sedensky blames Conspiracy Theorists for sealing records.

First it's Ryan then it's Adam. Make up you mind ok!

They waited to enter the school????? What!!!!!

Adams Devil worship web page?

Nancy never had visitors in the house except for one tech club meeting.

Nancy had some strange auto-immune problem and was hopitalised for a time. She said Doctors had to stop her heart temporarily in a special medical procedure.

Ryan never spook to his bother for the last two years??

There are no pictures of the Lanza family together???

Almost no survivors.

The Batman map with Sandy Hook circled.

Adams Death certificate. Dec 13 2012????

Robby Parker laughing in front of the cameras????

Carver's statement "I hope it doesn't come down on Newtown's head" What did he mean?

The photo-shopped picture of Adam. Creepy as hell!!

The connection with the LIBOR scandal.

Almost every story about Sandy Hook quotes someone that declined to be identified. Hmm.

The purple van seen leaving the area. Nuns in masks.

The church bomb threat two days later.

The phony CNN footage of police charging into the school. That footage was later proven to be from another school.

The nuns with something under their coat.

All the police cars parked behind the Fire House around 9: 00 am

A patient transferred in a police car???

Gene Rosen. Thats a whole other chapter.

No Helicopter ambulance requested???

The police comm was updated four hours prior to the event.

Nancy was a teacher and now she is not??

Adam had his windows covered to make his room dark.

Nancy told Adams sitter not to turn her back on Adam.

Adam had EPISODES. Whatever that means.

Adam always clutched his briefcase close to his chest.

Few people knew Nancy or Adam.

The plan to rebuild the school??? Who would want to attend?

Facebook accounts set up almost immediately and there was a United Way page SET UP THE SAME DAY!

Under CT law, only a licensed Doctor can declare someone dead. However, in Sandy Hook, all people were declared dead in 8 minutes after the incident started. There is no evidence of a Doctor ever seeing the bodies.

There is no video footage of the 500 plus people within the school ever leaving even though helicopters flew over the school for hours after the incident.

The first law enforcement vehicles that arrived at Sandy Hook parked 1/4 mile from the school.

Paramedics were never let near the school and were told to park 1/4 mile away. They were never allowed in the school.

No trauma helicopters were requested during the entire incident. This went against protocol.

Adam Lanza had a kill ratio of 9.9c.

The name of the incident commander on site at Sandy Hook was not released. Nobody knows who was in charge.

It cannot be determined who the paramedics and Doctors were that treated the two children that went to the hospitals.

Sandy Hook incident has been "classified" by the FBI. Many of the critical facts behind the event cannot be obtained.

Former State Trooper Wolfgang Halbig asked which company was hired to clean up the scene within the school. He was told this information is classified.

Porta-potties were ordered and brought on the scene in less than 3 hours. Nobody knows where these port-potties came from or who paid for them.

Wolfgang Halbig was told that if he didn't stop asking questions about Sandy Hook, he would be charged with a felony. He was told he better get a lawyer by two homicide detectives from the Lake county sheriffs office.

Chris Parker was actually laughing before his national tv interview talking about how his child was killed.

No lawsuits have been filed against the school district, police departments or medical community. Not a single one! After Columbine, nearly every family filed lawsuits. If a lawsuit was filed, "the discovery process" kicks in and we would know nearly every detail about these families lives.

They tore down the entire school at Sandy Hook destroying a crime scene. At Colombine, they renovated the school.

The hazmat company that cleaned Sandy Hook school will not be revealed.

The FBI investigative report on the Sandy Hook shooting has not been released and deemed classified. Only the CT state police have released a report.

Adam Lanza's car had all four car doors open with two black sweatshirts laying on the ground.

None of the parents were able to see their children body. They were only shown photos.

The school was full of asbestos and lead paint just like the WTC buildings. The parents were never told that their children were going to a toxic building which is required by the CT department of education.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible. All this for Gun Control? I knew something didn't seem right but ALL of this is mind boggling!

Anonymous said...

Great list.

Help Wolfgang Halbig get some Sandy Hook truth and justice.

Give as much as you can please.

He is going to Newtown no matter what and he is risking his life for the country we love.

Anonymous said...

People (sheeple) need to wake up! Some of us have been investigating this since 12/12!