Friday, March 28, 2014

Excellent interview on Jim Fetzer's radio show. Adam Lanza was practically an invalid with so many mental and physical limitations that he could not possibly perpetrate any mass shooting

Very good listen.  Highly recommend.

For instance, Adam Lanza reportedly had a phobia or aversion to bright colored lights, and was hyper sensitive to physical touch.   He was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, which is related to Autism.  And remember that those with Autism have very poor motor skills.  He reportedly had trouble opening cerial boxes.  He supposedly had an OCD compulsion to change his socks 20 times a day.  Also, he had a phobia of metal and would not touch metal objects.   If he had a phobia of metal surfaces, then how does he handle firearms?   The "official" story is that this guy was so mentally deranged and troubled, that he probably needed to be in a mental institution. So how does this 112 lb mental case with such physical and mental limitations actually carry out this supposed "mass shooting" with military-grade efficiency?  Totally preposterous. 

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