Saturday, March 1, 2014

Analysis of Photos of Sandy Hook show that the "school" may have been closed and abandoned in 2008

"Here are the pictures from the outside of the school. You will see hanging loose wires, mold, weeds in the cracks of the cement, windows covered up with furniture, algae in front of doors that would be used. No buzzer system or signs at the front door to let me know you have to buzz in. Even high schools and every school I have been to, has some type of signs on the front door. But nothing on these. Bullet hole in window, yet paper is intact where the bullet would have gone through".

Also, there are no Christmas decorations in any of the windows. In general, the photos show what appears to be a building that has been abandoned for some time. There are photos of bullet holes, but some of the bullet holes (in metal around the windows) appear to have been fired from outside the building going in, not from the inside coming out. Given this information, as well as all the other evidence, it really is no wonder that they demolished the "school" building in late 2013. An investigation of the building would have shown the entire story to be a fraud.

Photos inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School show that it was abandoned and being used for storage, with materials packed in the hallways and classrooms.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever it was demolished shortly afterwards
And all forensic evidence removed
A bit like 911