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Boston Bombing HOAX: Worst ACTORS Ever

Comments from Youtube:

Wow, that so bad... Next revolution they will eliminate the Gene Rosen's and similar people to this lady and make the acting less in your face so that it merges more with reality. The game is being perfected, and the masses are asleep at the wheel.

She has PTSD from the Boston "smokebomb" and sound effects coming thru the speakers. Let's all feel sorry for her!!!!

More Sandy Hook actors? "Parents of Catherine Hubbard" with CIA Anderson Cooper on CNN

No tears.  Not even one sad look on a face.  Lots of smiling, and rambling on and on per the script.  The "mother" says her daughter is "safe now".  Sick.

Selected comments on Youtube:

people who have lost children in accidents etc say very little in reality they do not ramble on and on , smiling and forgiving etc  if you have lost a child words stick in your throat, tears are always a millisecond away and they cannot wait for the interview to end. to return to the shell this kind of event launches you into. These two reptiles can laugh and forgive and talk shite simply because they havnt actually lost anyone. this is dramatizing its repulsive and criminal. the future for these actors will be very uncertain indeed, they have had their payday and their fifteen minutes of fame. They have the rest of their lives still to go ................... 

all these parents smirking while describing and reminiscing about their lost children.... yeah right! I tear up more just thinking about my dog dying, these people are fake as fuck. Anyone who seriously doubts the obvious cannot read facial expressions, demeanors, body language, eye movement, and basic human emotion especially under extreme



No tears one month after a 6 year old is slain by a  gun in a red bloody death? Yeah i buy it!

The Sandy Hook Hoax/Psyop Explained in 20 minutes

Concisely covers most of the major issues which conclusively prove that Sandy Hook was a psyop/hoax, with a good dose of humor.

UNBE-LIE-VABLE. Donald Rumsfeld Claims He Doesn't Know About the Collapse of WTC Building 7 !!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Wolfgang Halbig on the Jeff Rense radio show

Full interview here also:

Excellent interview on Jim Fetzer's radio show. Adam Lanza was practically an invalid with so many mental and physical limitations that he could not possibly perpetrate any mass shooting

Very good listen.  Highly recommend.

For instance, Adam Lanza reportedly had a phobia or aversion to bright colored lights, and was hyper sensitive to physical touch.   He was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, which is related to Autism.  And remember that those with Autism have very poor motor skills.  He reportedly had trouble opening cerial boxes.  He supposedly had an OCD compulsion to change his socks 20 times a day.  Also, he had a phobia of metal and would not touch metal objects.   If he had a phobia of metal surfaces, then how does he handle firearms?   The "official" story is that this guy was so mentally deranged and troubled, that he probably needed to be in a mental institution. So how does this 112 lb mental case with such physical and mental limitations actually carry out this supposed "mass shooting" with military-grade efficiency?  Totally preposterous. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boston Bombing False Flag Psyop is Crumbling! Government Witness Exposed as a Liar - MUST WATCH

Highly recommend that all watch this. The Boston Bombing false flag and Psyop is falling apart!

Articles from interviewee's website :

Boston Bomber Carjacking Unravels. Part 1 of 2

Something Dead Wrong Here: Investigating the Mysterious and Central Character, “Danny.” Part 2 of 2

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Exposing the Satanic Empire" - Documentary on the New World Order Agenda

Excellent intro to the Satanic New World Order agenda for neophytes. But good info even for those knowledgeable of the NWO.

Sandy Hook Hoax was a FEMA drill that went 'live' - MUST WATCH!!

VERY eye-opening videos here. Only 3-5 minutes each. Must watch:

Title of above video in YouTube: "MUST WATCH ASAP!!! Sandy Hook HOAX It was a FEMA Drill!!!"

Title of above video in YouTube: "PROOF SANDY HOOK WAS A FEMA DRILL"

The fact that this was a drill explains why a news helicopter was reportedly flying over the school at around 9:15 am, 15 minutes BEFORE the alleged "shooting" by Adam Lanza began at 9:30 am.

Also, recall that Gene Rosen has been outed as a FEMA worker:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!

Title of video on YouTube: "Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!"

Sandy Hook: GAME OVER! NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record

Title of Video in YouTube: "Sandy Hook: GAME OVER! NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record"

Appears Peter Lanza Doesn't Exist

Title of Video in YouTube: "Appears Peter Lanza Doesn't Exist"


A 112 lb. kids carrying 50 to 60 lbs. of gear around and shooting like an expert marksman.

No video of Adam shooting his way into the school even thought they just had gotten the whole damn security system updated.

Not a drop of blood... anywhere.

No video footage or pictures of 500+ students and school staff in a mass evacuation of the school on the day of this "event".

Not a single lawsuit by the parents against the school system. 

A blue screen behind actors at fire department.

Folks walking in circles at the fire department.

Not a single interview with Ryan or Peter Lanza or any of Adams supposed doctors.

A report of a shotgun in Adams glove compartment several months back.

The report of Adam trying to buy a gun at Dicks a day or two before, even though he had many video of that. No reports from any Dicks employees.

Adam Lanza..the only 20 year old in America without a cell phone or cell phone records.

Sally cox in the closet for four hours. It was a closet in the same room where police set up their command center.
The chalk hill school empty and waiting for the Sandy Hook students to move right in. Very convenient right?

The sealing of records and 911 calls.

Jean Henry (Carvers assistant) showing her husband Adams corps.

The statement that the bodies are in the Kitchen???

The five minute shooting spree. Really???

No EMS allowed into the school. WOW!!!!!!!!

Did the police say "Take the life of Adam" Huh?

Sedensky blames Conspiracy Theorists for sealing records.

First it's Ryan then it's Adam. Make up you mind ok!

They waited to enter the school????? What!!!!!

Adams Devil worship web page?

Nancy never had visitors in the house except for one tech club meeting.

Nancy had some strange auto-immune problem and was hopitalised for a time. She said Doctors had to stop her heart temporarily in a special medical procedure.

Ryan never spook to his bother for the last two years??

There are no pictures of the Lanza family together???

Almost no survivors.

The Batman map with Sandy Hook circled.

Adams Death certificate. Dec 13 2012????

Robby Parker laughing in front of the cameras????

Carver's statement "I hope it doesn't come down on Newtown's head" What did he mean?

The photo-shopped picture of Adam. Creepy as hell!!

The connection with the LIBOR scandal.

Almost every story about Sandy Hook quotes someone that declined to be identified. Hmm.

The purple van seen leaving the area. Nuns in masks.

The church bomb threat two days later.

The phony CNN footage of police charging into the school. That footage was later proven to be from another school.

The nuns with something under their coat.

All the police cars parked behind the Fire House around 9: 00 am

A patient transferred in a police car???

Gene Rosen. Thats a whole other chapter.

No Helicopter ambulance requested???

The police comm was updated four hours prior to the event.

Nancy was a teacher and now she is not??

Adam had his windows covered to make his room dark.

Nancy told Adams sitter not to turn her back on Adam.

Adam had EPISODES. Whatever that means.

Adam always clutched his briefcase close to his chest.

Few people knew Nancy or Adam.

The plan to rebuild the school??? Who would want to attend?

Facebook accounts set up almost immediately and there was a United Way page SET UP THE SAME DAY!

Under CT law, only a licensed Doctor can declare someone dead. However, in Sandy Hook, all people were declared dead in 8 minutes after the incident started. There is no evidence of a Doctor ever seeing the bodies.

There is no video footage of the 500 plus people within the school ever leaving even though helicopters flew over the school for hours after the incident.

The first law enforcement vehicles that arrived at Sandy Hook parked 1/4 mile from the school.

Paramedics were never let near the school and were told to park 1/4 mile away. They were never allowed in the school.

No trauma helicopters were requested during the entire incident. This went against protocol.

Adam Lanza had a kill ratio of 9.9c.

The name of the incident commander on site at Sandy Hook was not released. Nobody knows who was in charge.

It cannot be determined who the paramedics and Doctors were that treated the two children that went to the hospitals.

Sandy Hook incident has been "classified" by the FBI. Many of the critical facts behind the event cannot be obtained.

Former State Trooper Wolfgang Halbig asked which company was hired to clean up the scene within the school. He was told this information is classified.

Porta-potties were ordered and brought on the scene in less than 3 hours. Nobody knows where these port-potties came from or who paid for them.

Wolfgang Halbig was told that if he didn't stop asking questions about Sandy Hook, he would be charged with a felony. He was told he better get a lawyer by two homicide detectives from the Lake county sheriffs office.

Chris Parker was actually laughing before his national tv interview talking about how his child was killed.

No lawsuits have been filed against the school district, police departments or medical community. Not a single one! After Columbine, nearly every family filed lawsuits. If a lawsuit was filed, "the discovery process" kicks in and we would know nearly every detail about these families lives.

They tore down the entire school at Sandy Hook destroying a crime scene. At Colombine, they renovated the school.

The hazmat company that cleaned Sandy Hook school will not be revealed.

The FBI investigative report on the Sandy Hook shooting has not been released and deemed classified. Only the CT state police have released a report.

Adam Lanza's car had all four car doors open with two black sweatshirts laying on the ground.

None of the parents were able to see their children body. They were only shown photos.

The school was full of asbestos and lead paint just like the WTC buildings. The parents were never told that their children were going to a toxic building which is required by the CT department of education.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sandy Hook - Associated Press Photos and Stories are time-stamped to PRE-DATE the "event"


As admitted in video, much of the information was taken from an article on the "Insanemedia" website titled "Sandy Hook - Strange Victim Photo Dates".


Website referenced in the "about" section of video on YouTube:

Sandy Hook Police Dash Cam Video does not show children evacuating per Official Timeline

The One and only photo released of children at SH.  Suppose to have happened at 10:47 AM - would have been in front of police dash cam shown below.  Never happened in front of dash cam.  They were not running, but walking. 

There is a Police Dash Cam video of the parking lot of Sandy Hook.  I show the official timeline as written out by the Police of what happened and when.  

The official timeline says they began evacuating the children at 9:58 AM from the school and walking them across the parking lot to the firehouse.

The official timeline of the evacuation of children from the school to the Police dash cam. No children are ever seen during the time they should have been going across the lot.  

Here is the State Police site to view the Police Dash Cam video.

There are different times going to 10:03 AM of masses of children being evacuated at one time from the school and going across the lot.

The dash cam video has a few redacted seconds, but they are only seconds of time and there would be no way of getting the children across the lot in that amount of time.

Watch the Police Dash Cam showing the parking lot compared to the official Timeline:


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sandy Hook Police Report Contains No Evidence That Mass Shooting Took Place And Strengthens Notion That Event Was A Fabricated Hoax


December 29, 2013

The full police investigation into the alleged Sandy Hook mass shooting has finally been released to the public.  The release contains thousands of documents including hours of video footage and numerous photographs pertaining to the investigation.  As expected the content is heavily redacted which alone raises more questions about the official story.  Perhaps even more interesting is the content that hasn’t been redacted which by itself provides more evidence suggesting that this so-called shooting incident is a complete and total fabrication.

First off, the timing of this release is highly suspicious.  If the police were looking to release this information at a time when as few people as possible would see the material, this was it.  The material was released this past Friday afternoon when many people were getting ready to leave work or were on vacation due to the end of the year holidays.  They also chose to release the videos in WMA file format which is one of the larger video file formats you could encode video into.  If they wanted as many people as possible to see the video footage they would be compressing these into smaller file formats.  Obviously they wanted the opposite to happen.
Some of the non-redacted material is very interesting.  For example, there are photos showing the clothing that the supposed shooter Adam Lanza was said to be wearing.  According to the official story Lanza was said to have committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.  When someone gets shot in the head it typically results in a bloody mess.  If you look at these photos there isn’t one speck of blood on any of his clothes.  Unless he stripped out of his clothing before killing himself it is impossible to believe that no blood stains would be found.  The same can also be said about the photos of the weapons Lanza allegedly used.  There is no blood shown on any of them including on the Glock hand gun that he would have most likely used to kill himself. 
Upon initial inspection of the video footage an extremely large portion of it is redacted.  While they might be able to justify redacting footage taken inside the building, it is hard to understand why large segments of footage taken outside of the building have also been redacted.  What could possibly be so graphic outside of the building requiring such large portions to be removed?  The only explanation is that there are things shown that would raise serious questions about the official story.  It is also worth noting that some of the footage shows police wandering around with very little sense of urgency.  Quite strange behavior from the cops considering what a traumatic situation was said to be taking place.
Photos allegedly showing Adam Lanza’s autopsy have all been redacted.  So there is no proof of Lanza’s dead body or that a proper autopsy was ever conducted on said dead body.  Lanza’s mental health records were also redacted from the report.  This is all of course assuming a person named Adam Lanza ever existed to begin with. 
Photos showing the inside of the school are heavily redacted as well.  There is no evidence shown that anyone was killed.  There are no pools of blood, no dead bodies or anything tangible shown that proves a mass shooting took place.  There are however lots of photos showing door handles and other unimportant areas in the building but that’s about it.  Conveniently a Connecticut State Law forbidding the release of photos or video showing homicide victims was passed this summer after pressure was brought forward from the families of this alleged tragedy.  The law puts Connecticut in a minority amongst the states with such a law on the books but more importantly the timing of this new law appears to have been passed to specifically cover up material relating to the Sandy Hook investigation.  This is why we are seeing a whole lot of nothing in the photos and video.
Considering there are numerous questions about the authenticity of the official story it has gotten to the point where it is in the public’s best interest to see some proof.  This event has been used as a way to justify a number of new policies including gun control initiatives so some real transparency is needed here.   Instead this entire thing reeks of a cover up.
Other Sandy Hook researchers have suggested that the photos showing the inside of the school are a bit strange.  Since these photos were taken a short time before Christmas, it is interesting to see that there appears to be a lack of Christmas decorations inside the school.  Usually elementary schools at that time of the year are plastered with Christmas decorations but in these photos there are few seen.  Whether or not this is proof that the school was staged is debatable but this is definitely something worth questioning. 
The photos showing the inside of the Lanza household are also strange.  Some of the shots look staged like pictures showing clean dishes in a sink and a lack of dust on the furniture.  There’s also a plant on the dryer despite the fact that we were told in a previous report that his mother washed Adam’s clothes daily.  If that was really the case, why would a plant be on top of the dryer?  It is just hard to believe that the home was ever truly lived in.  It is quite possible that the Lanza house was specifically staged and setup for these photos.  From what the photos show it looks like they only shot and released these photos to try and convince people that the home was lived in.  It seems like it would be extremely strange from a protocol standpoint to be taking photos of areas in the house that had nothing to do with the crime scene.  There are of course no photos showing Nancy Lanza’s dead body.  She was allegedly shot by Adam Lanza inside the house before he went on the supposed mass shooting spree over at Sandy Hook.  There’s obviously no proof that any of this happened based upon the photos they’ve released.
Many of the documents also show a number of redactions in which the names of witnesses are blacked out.  Why would the witnesses have to be redacted?  No matter the excuse for the redactions it is another way to cover up information possibly because the witness statements didn't quite match up with the official story.
These are just a few observations on the released material.  Undoubtedly there are probably countless other anomalies and questions but considering the size of material that has been made available, it will take some time to go through it all.  It should be interesting to see what other Sandy Hook researchers come up with as they plow through all of this information. 

To conclude, the material released shows absolutely nothing to prove that the Sandy Hook mass shooting took place.  Compare the information we have on Sandy Hook with this 2011 Associated Press report covering a mass shooting in a Brazilian school.  With the Brazilian school shooting there is surveillance footage showing people running for their lives, video of the gunman and even amateur footage of people bleeding from gunshot wounds.  This was made available just days after the incident took place.  We have seen none of this with Sandy Hook and a full year has already gone by.  Once again this shows that the Sandy Hook incident is nothing more than a gigantic hoax designed to push more gun control and other political initiatives.  The people who have participated in this fraud should be held accountable and put in jail.  


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Analysis of Photos of Sandy Hook show that the "school" may have been closed and abandoned in 2008

"Here are the pictures from the outside of the school. You will see hanging loose wires, mold, weeds in the cracks of the cement, windows covered up with furniture, algae in front of doors that would be used. No buzzer system or signs at the front door to let me know you have to buzz in. Even high schools and every school I have been to, has some type of signs on the front door. But nothing on these. Bullet hole in window, yet paper is intact where the bullet would have gone through".

Also, there are no Christmas decorations in any of the windows. In general, the photos show what appears to be a building that has been abandoned for some time. There are photos of bullet holes, but some of the bullet holes (in metal around the windows) appear to have been fired from outside the building going in, not from the inside coming out. Given this information, as well as all the other evidence, it really is no wonder that they demolished the "school" building in late 2013. An investigation of the building would have shown the entire story to be a fraud.

Photos inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School show that it was abandoned and being used for storage, with materials packed in the hallways and classrooms.