Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Sandy Hook The Real Truth" Documentary

Excellent video. Highly recommended.


1. Reports of multiple shooters, reports of a "2nd shooting suspect in custody" - (See ~0:09:50 in video). Police scanner records an officer stating chasing two suspects. Helicopter shows what appears to be cops chasing two people fleeing into the woods behind the school (~0:15:30). Both suspects were apprehended, and one of the suspects was taken into custody, hand-cufffed in a police car (wearing camo pants and a dark jacket) - (See 0:13:45 in video)

2. A report says that witnesses reported that a shooter was "dressed in black" and appeared to be "dressed as a member of the Clergy". And then police scanners record that 2 potential other suspects "dressed as nuns" and wearing masks were detained by police. (See~0:26:30-).

3. Early reports stated that Adam Lanza's mother, Nancy Lanza, worked as a teacher at the school and that Adam Lanza had a confrontation at the Sandy Hook Elementary School a few days before the day of the shooting. These reports were later retracted as false. How could they get something like this wrong? Video author concludes that this was likely deliberate misinformation to plant the idea in the public mind that Adam Lanza was the perpetrator. (see ~0:38:30)

4. Emergency vehicles and ambulances set up the "staging area" at the Firehouse located just down the street less than a half mile from the school. Why would they set up this staging area so far away from the scene, which could potentially cost the life of an injured person? (~0:48:45).

5. One of the suspects who was detained after fleeing from police officers into the woods behind the school was reportedly a "plain clothes special tactical officer from another disctrict" (see at 1:22:40 of video). This would indicate that not only were these tactical officers on scene at the time of the shooting, but they may have been involved in the actual perpetration of any crime committed.

6. Police scanners record an officer inside the school shorting after the shooting whisper what appears to be "End the Life of Adam." (see at 1:23:30 of video) This clearly indicates that Adam Lanza was merely a patsy in a larger covert government operation.

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