Thursday, December 12, 2013

More Sandy Hook evidence

Sandy Hook Actor Forgets Her Lines: "Aunt of victim Emilie Parker, Jill Cottle Garret" refers to "Emilie as being an example to her big sisters", when the official story is that Emilie had two younger sisters.

Third grade Sandy Hook student "Louie", when asked by "Dr. Oz" what he remembers happening on Dec. 14th, 2012, says that "a lot...a lot of policemen were in the school", and that he was "I was like hiding under....when we were having a drill....we were hiding under".

Nurse "Sallie Cox" busted. Claims that Nancy Lanza worked at the school.


Anonymous said...

Son of Saxon, Are you still at the WOY forum? I've been absent for a while and it looks different when I signed back in, as in membership and I have to question what has gone on. Any ideas. Thanks, Flanders

SonofSaxon said...

Flanders, I'm drawing a blank on "WOY". What's that?

Anonymous said...

I think I got mixed up on the names SOS. This is the site I'm referring to below, and I signed up there by mistake - some hasbarat site.

I'm getting ready to drop some truth there and see how long I last.

The one you and I went to was sometning "Atlantis", I think, but I don't remember for sure and have lost my link. Are you still there?

You had tons of good articles before the censoring jews got to you. Did you have any luck on saving anything?


SonofSaxon said...

The forum you're thinking of is this:

"Knowledge is Power - The Uncensored Free Speech Forum"

I didn't get censored there, as far as I know. Actually, I'm one of the moderators/administrators of the forum. But I haven't posted there in a long time, probably over a year. I stopped posting there because there are so few posters, and nothing is going on there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SOS, That is it. It's a good site that just needs some more traffic and contribution, but it has an unweildy name.

I cannot view video on my machine, and have not followed Sandy Hook, but NTS seems to have. He has this link which you may want to check:

Actually, I was referring to the materials on your former site. It was a loss to me, too. I still have many links which now don't work to great materials you had. Thanks again, SOS.