Sunday, November 17, 2013

Amazing research of Michael Tellinger

Outstanding researcher/speaker on ancient history (eg, Sumerian tablets, Annunaki) with truly mind-blowing insights, and courageous activist against the international jewish banking cabal (engaged in court battles to abolish the usurious fiat banking system in South Africa).

Highly recommend the research/presentations from this man.

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Cat Weasel said...

We Resonate at the same frequency at the same vibration in harmony with the Earth
That frequency is 7.83Hz
This is our umbilical chord to Mother earth
Which literally is our Mother
I don't think the Pyramids were sound chambers
They were Navigation devices
A bit like Timing marks on a Fly Wheel
To measure the Earths Rotation
They were Navigation Beacons
Obviously for extraterrestrial Life forms
To coordinate their 'settings'