Thursday, January 24, 2013

Support for gun rights (2nd Amendment) by U.S. Citizens is SKY HIGH, much higher than bogus MSM "polls" would have you believe

Don't believe the so-called "polls" from the lying/criminal "mainstream media" that would have you believe that a "majority" of Americans support "gun control." Those "polls" are doctored or outright fabricated, for the purpose of advacing their unconstitutional, criminal, tyrannical anti gun rights agenda. REAL metrics show that support for gun rights by American citizens is overwhelmingly high, in my opinion probably well over 80%, and perhaps over 90%. I also believe that the "anti-NWO" movement is exploding, which is contributing to many citizens recognizing the need for citizens to be armed in order to protect themselves against government tyranny.

Below are some examples of evidence showing this level of support.

Example #1:

A recent USA Today online poll with 12.56 million votes shows 97% support for the idea that the Second Amendment DOES support an individual right to keep and bear arms:

Link to poll: USA Today "Quick Question" Poll: "Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?"

Screenshot of Results (as of January 24, 2013):

Example #2:

In a recent interview (a few days after the Sandy Hook "event"), Jesse Ventura (arguing in defense of gun rights) destroys Piers Morgan in a debate. Near the end of the interview, Piers has accused Jesse of holding "crackpot points". Jesse then polls the live, in-studio audience, asking them "Who thinks I have made crackpot points?". The audience of around 100+ people is dead silent. Then Jesse asks, "Who thinks that I have made sensible points?". The audience then erupts in applause, with visibly 85%-90%+ of the audience clapping, supporting Jesse's argument in defense of the Second Amendment and gun rights.

Here is video of the interview. Go to around 4 minutes in the video to see Jesse's poll of the audience:

Example #3:

At a recent Anti-Gun Forum (a "Guns and Public Safety Forum" hosted by the New Trier (IL) Democrats) on January 20, 2013 in the city of Chicago, an Army Veteran stood up to challenge the forum speaker's assertion that "the Second Amendment is no longer relevant in today's society." He passionately and boldly defended gun rights, stating that the intention of the Second Amdendment was for the citizenry to protect themselves against tyranny, and that this threat of tyranny was no less today than it was at the time the Constitution was ratified. The crowd of citizens in attendence at the forum then erupted in applause, with ~80%+ of those in the room standing and clapping for a solid 15 to 20 seconds.

Video here:

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