Monday, December 17, 2012

Yanina Cywinska's bizarre Holocaust™ tale: At 10 years old, I dragged bodies out of the Auschwitz gas chambers, survived being gassed, survived 5 days with no water

Yanina autographs copies of her book.

Yanina Cywinska has improved her Holy Hoax fairy tale.


At only 10 years old, Yanina was taken to Auschwitz.

Her job at Auschwitz was as a "sonderkommando", in which she had to drag dead bodies out of the gassum chambers.

One day she was horrified to see that she had pulled her own mother out of the chamber!

Another time Yanina says she was forced by the Nazis to dig a big ditch that was to serve as their own mass grave. They worked digging the ditch for five days without any food or water!

The Nazis tried to holocaust her by shooting her and then dumping her into the mass grave. But the firing squad's bullets missed! The Nazis then pulled her out of the ditch and took her to Auschwitz for holocausting.

Yanina was then taken to the gas chamber to be deathed. She held her father's hand inside the gas chamber as he died!

Yanina passed out inside the gas chamber, but somehow survived! Carbon monoxide was used, and not Zyklon B.  She was then secretly resuscitated by an inmate!

Yanina now lives in the United States and spends her time telling her fairy tale to young school children.

Article: A night to remember: Holocaust survivor recounts story of horror and hope

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Greg Bacon said...

How many of these lies are out there and being used to brainwash GOY, especially Americans?

Anonymous said...

The Jewish soap used to Float?
Containing no substance?

Passionate Pragmatist said...

That is the most ludicrous holohoax story I've ever heard.

At age 10 being female there is no way she could drag grown dead bodies except maybe a few feet. Then digging ditches; I don't think so. Or, was a child's shovel provided for her, as she wouldn't have been tall enough to use a normal one?

Oh, and this is a good one; Zyclon B used to gas the Jews. Zyclon B was a delouser!

People need to use their brains and think this stuff out.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the 3 Yorkshire men