Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shill for NWO-Ruling Jewry, Alex Jones, claims that "Iran Wants to Wipe Israel Off the Map"

source: NorththernTruthseeker

I have transcribed the article from NorthernTruseeker below in full, including a comment from one of his readers.

I have always been under attack by those people in the so called "truth movement" for my attacks on the so called "head honcho" of the entire fraudulent "truth movement", Mr. Alex Jones himself. I have not backed down at all from my assertions over the years that this man, who has a very large following, is nothing more than pure disinformation and has the only purpose of leading people down the wrong path and away from the REAL criminals that are out for our enslavement.

Just today, I was alerted to a new video, via Youtube, that shows again exactly WHY Alex Jones absolutely can not ever be trusted. It is entitled: "Alex Jones Says Iran Wants To Wipe Israel Off The Map", and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves startling evidence of what a liar Alex Jones truly is. I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Just like this buffoon claiming a few years back that "Arabs controlled Hollywood", again he has stuck his foot in his mouth with this insane and absolute outright lie that "Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map"!

Even Alex Jones absolutely knows that Ahmadinejad was purposely misquoted and mistranslated in his speech about Israel years back. The actual wording of that speech was that President Ahmadinejad saw the day that the Zionist regime in Israel would be removed from power. Nowhere in that speech did he EVER say or even insinuate that he wanted "Israel wiped off the map"!

I also have further proof that Iran NEVER threatened to "Wipe Israel off the map" by the following video where the Israeli deputy Prime Minister ADMITS that Iran never threatened Israel at all. Here is that video:

Therefore the question becomes... WHY is Alex Jones spewing such false rhetoric and continuing to mislead his listening audience? Is it not obvious he is giving everyone false information?

I have said it before and I will say it again... Alex Jones and his entire "Infowars" program is nothing more than controlled opposition. He will never tell the truth about exactly who the real criminals are; the elitist Jews who want to wreck and enslave our world. It is definitely time for everyone to turn off "Infowars" once and for all, and seek the real facts from truthful alternative sources.

commment from "buelahman":

The buffoons who clamor all over Alex Jones come in three stripes.

Seeking people who knows there is something horribly wrong and they find that the disinformational Jones is using 90% truth, so they find some answers... enough to keep them from pushing forward, and many times become so defensive of him when people like you or I point out that the most important 10% (critically important) is being intentionally kept from them, that they lash out.

Second, there are witless chumps who know better... have read and studied certain subjects (like Jewish control), but do not want to be politically incorrect, so they refuse to go "all the way". They play within the bounds set for them as to not rock the boat and bring the real gangsters down on their heads.

Third, the intentional misleaders, misdirectionalists, paid shills for Jewry/Zionist interests who continue the bogus lies regarding Iran, defense of Israel, Nazis-control-the world, minions all set to keep your eye off of the real ball... Israel and organized international Jewry. There are many of these hacks around, including the Jones endorsed POTUS grandpa, Ron Paul. Paul will NEVER call out Jewry. He attacks 911 questioners. He doesn't discuss Usury. His mentors are Jews (Ayn Rand and the like). Its as if he protects Jewish interests. Jones is exactly the same.

Jones will sometimes say Zionism is bad, but it always comes back to "Nazis-control-the-world". He dare not discuss Usury (and from whence it came). He dare not discuss the Talmud and the "superiority" it dictates to Jew religious believers and/or non-believers (it permeates virtually the entire tribe/race/cult, whatever it is).

Some suggest that its because he is married to a Jewess. If so, he is no man and certainly no truth-teller.

I contend it is because he is somehow controlled by Jewry (either money or allowed to continue his money-grubbing).

Anyone else would have long ago been taken down in some way or another.

Just look at his right-hand Brit Man. Once, would speak against these powers, but now will not bring it up.

That tells me that somebody got to him. And look where he ended up. Another disinformational project used to keep people from finding out that crucial 10%. The 10% that would stop their control.

Alex Jones is a shyster. A snakeoil salesman with a big bottle of impotent, tainted water to heal your ills. Yet, you never get healed. As a matter of fact, you get worse over time.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing more to say other than that dude is a fat headed, liar asshole.

Anonymous said...

These comments at any time did not emanate out of Iran
That the Babo-Judahist whore Israel would be wiped off the face of the Earth
We wouldn't be that lucky
This was a lie drummed up by the Presstitute Zionist controlled War mongering MSM
Alex Jones being a faithful NWO disciple and Lieutenant serves his masters well and pedaled and defended this lie in true kosher fashion as being the Truth
What he continually espouses contains no foundation-only rhetoric and false meaning
I notice now after a fleeting visit to Prison Planet that comments are open which in my eyes castes an image of decadence and of a dying Planet
The alternative media is becoming the MSM and the norm
The Jews are losing control and they know it
Jones has had his day in Court and has been adjudicated bankrupt derelict and deficient in the discharge of his duties