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Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut A "False Flag" Psyop- Evidence for Gov. Black Operation


Similar to other staged shootings such as the Port Arthur massacre in Australia, the Dunblane massacre in the U.K., the Columbine shooting, and the recent Aurora, Colorado shooting...as more evidence and analysis of this "event" in Newtown, Connecticut emerges, it is becomming more clear that this was another government "black operation", carried out by the "powers that be" for the purpose of enacting restrictions/bans on the legal ownership of firearms, and the disarmament of the civilian population. 


1. The Government and Media's story is that some 20-year old "autistic" boy planned and carried out this massacre, taking around 5 guns to the school, with a bulletproof vest and a face mask. Are we really to believe that an "autistic" ~100lb weakling kid pulled this off? Did he have the sophistication and capability to plan this out, and execute it with such precision? Apparantly, there were 26 dead and only 1 wounded, and around 200 rounds fired in around 3 minutes. How could Adam Lanza achieve such amazingly deadly accuracy, in such a short length of time? And what would be Lanza's motive?

2. The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But it is claimed that Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns and that a rifle was found in the trunk of his car. But then he could not possibly have been firing the rifle, and could not have committed the murders. Who did?

3. Many of the so-called "parents" of the dead children (as well as other "witnessess" and people involved) interviewed on television displayed odd characteristics, such as not crying (and no evidence of tears), smiling, laughing and joking, and appearing cold and as if reading from a script. The "smoking gun" is the "performance" of the man claiming to be "Robbie Parker", the "father of 6-year old victim Emilie Parker". Video of this man prior to coming on camera reveals him smiling, laughing, and "hyper-ventilating" in order to "get into charachter." It is obvious this man is acting and a fraud. Check out the video HERE (Must Watch!).


Another very suspicious "witness" is Gene Rosen.   Check out this video (Must See).

4. The "official" story is that an AR-15 "assault rifle" was used in this "shooting" to "kill ALL of the victims." That is what the "medical examiner" stated as well. But according to an NBC News report aired on December 15, 2012, only handguns were used in the shooting (and NOT a rifle), and the AR-15 was left in the trunk of Lanza's car. Here is a link to the NBC news video reporting this.

5. The car claimed to be that used by the "shooter" Adam Lanza doesn't actually belong to Adam Lanza, or his mother. The audio from the police radio contains the vehicle registration request and reply, and shows that the car is actually registered to a man named Christopher Rodia, who has numerous previous drug and burglary charges.

6. Many of the facebook "memorials" and donations pages for alleged "victims" were actually created days and weeks PRIOR to the December 14, 2012 date of the "shooting." For example, the "RIP Facebook" page of "victim" "Victoria Soto" was created on December 10, 2012, four days before she allegedly "died." More on that HERE.

7. Why has the media and government been silent about the other possible shooting suspects? Helicopter video shows 3 men going into the woods outside of the school. On the police scanner/radio, the police describe two suspects outside the school, and one police officer yells, "they're coming at me through this wood". Eyewitnesses saw a man in a black jacket and camo pants was arrested and handcuffed outside the school.

8. The alleged "school nurse", a woman claiming to be "Sally Cox", doesn't show up as a nurse in the Connecticut database. Further, many of the "teachers" or "witnesses" paraded in the media do not show up on Facebook or other social media sites (at least with the names given in the media). This is evidence, when coorborated with all the other evidence, that the people shown in the media as "witnesses" were actors, using fake names.

9. Where is the hard evidence that this "shooting" and "mass murder" actually took place as alleged in the official story? Have we seen any crime scene photographs? Where is the security camera footage showing "Adam Lanza" or whomever perpetrating the shooting? Schools are absolutely covered with security cameras. Why were the parents prevented from seeing the "bodies of the children"? Has anyone actually seen the body of a dead child yet?

10.  After 2009, it appears "Adam Lanza"' dropped off the face of the earth, as there is no paper trail of him, nor evidence of anyone who had any contact with him over the past three years. No record of employment, schooling, no friends or acquaintances, even the neighbors on his street weren't aware that he was supposedly living there.  Did Adam die in 2009?  Or, what about this....there is speculation that Nancy Lanza only had one son (not two), who was given the birth name "Adam Lanza", but Adam later legally changed his name to "Ryan Lanza".  This is why "Ryan Lanza" was initially identified as the shooter, and apparantly Ryan Lanza was even arrested at Sandy Hook school the day of the "event."

11.  The "mainstream" media aired footage of cops running into a building while covering the Sandy Hook "shooting" that was NOT shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but was actually shot at a "school shooting" DRILL conducted at another school nearby in Newtown Connecticutt.  See this video. This is huge smoking gun evidence that the "Sandy Hook stooting" was a staged "event", pre-scripted and pre-planned by the media, using fake footage.

12. The CIA was at the scene of Sandy Hook immediately after the shooting, as reported in this article. What was the CIA doing there?

13. EMS services (ie, paramedics) did not operate according to their normal protocol in response to this "event." Normally, paramedics will take victims of gunshot wounds to the hospital even if the victim is not breathing and non-responsive, just to exhaust all options in the hope that the victim's life may be saved. In the case of this supposed Sandy Hook "massacre", however, this was not done. We are told that all of the victims were declared "dead at the scene." And aparantly the paramedics did not take ANY victims to nearby hospitals. This throws up another huge red flag, which calls into serious question the official story. Were there really any dead children in the school? And if so, why were not at least some of them taken to hospitals by EMS? Why were there virtually no surviving victims? Why are we told that basically everyone who was "shot by Adam Lanza" died on the scene? That is a very high (ie, impossible) "killing efficiency", unprecedented in these type of events. Also, Why was the school sealed off for so many hours without any bodies being removed? [This is discussed in this GLP thread]

14. There is evidence that this supposed "shooting" was actually nothing more than a "drill" (and now passed off as a "real" event). "Coincidently" there was an "active shooter drill" taking place at another school located very close in proximity to Sandy Hook Elementary on the morning of this supposed "shooting." See this article.


MUST WATCH! - "Robby Parker, father of 6-yo victim Emilie Parker" laughing, smiling, faking emotion - Actor?:

Description of above video of Robby Parker: Man claiming to be "Robby Parker" strolls up to the podium smiling and laughing. "We'll start" he says with a smile, "K." Then he takes several deep breaths, and begins to forcefully change his visual emotional state to one appearing "distressed" (as if "getting into character") and says "My name is Robby Parker."

"Sandy Hook Hoax Ultimate"

NBC News Reports on December 15, 2012 that "only handguns" were used in the shooting, and that the AR-15 was NOT!:

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Multiple Shooters:

Helicopter Footage - Possible Second Shooter going into woods outside school:

Police Walked A Man In Camo Pants And Dark Jacket Out Of Woods:


Sandy Hook Shooting - Gun Control Hoax:

An interview with the alleged "school nurse", a woman claiming to be "Sally Cox", reveals inconsistencies in her story. Very little emotion, possible bad actor. Also, she apparantly doesn't show up as a nurse in the Connecticut database. Many of teachers/witnesses do not show up on Facebook or social media sites. Also, why is there no security camera footage from the school being provided showing what really happened?

"The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed"

"Sandy Hook - The Truth"

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5. A guide on how to "Talk with your children about Sandy Hook Tragedy" was posted online 4 days BEFORE the "massacre"

6. The RIP/donation webpages of at least four Sandy Hook "victims" were created days BEFORE the "massacre"

7. Crisis Actor Photos

8. Professional crisis actors simulate mass casualty events

9. Man spotted in the woods near the school was an off-duty tactical squad (SWAT) police officer from another town!

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Yanina Cywinska's bizarre Holocaust™ tale: At 10 years old, I dragged bodies out of the Auschwitz gas chambers, survived being gassed, survived 5 days with no water

Yanina autographs copies of her book.

Yanina Cywinska has improved her Holy Hoax fairy tale.


At only 10 years old, Yanina was taken to Auschwitz.

Her job at Auschwitz was as a "sonderkommando", in which she had to drag dead bodies out of the gassum chambers.

One day she was horrified to see that she had pulled her own mother out of the chamber!

Another time Yanina says she was forced by the Nazis to dig a big ditch that was to serve as their own mass grave. They worked digging the ditch for five days without any food or water!

The Nazis tried to holocaust her by shooting her and then dumping her into the mass grave. But the firing squad's bullets missed! The Nazis then pulled her out of the ditch and took her to Auschwitz for holocausting.

Yanina was then taken to the gas chamber to be deathed. She held her father's hand inside the gas chamber as he died!

Yanina passed out inside the gas chamber, but somehow survived! Carbon monoxide was used, and not Zyklon B.  She was then secretly resuscitated by an inmate!

Yanina now lives in the United States and spends her time telling her fairy tale to young school children.

Article: A night to remember: Holocaust survivor recounts story of horror and hope

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Shill for NWO-Ruling Jewry, Alex Jones, claims that "Iran Wants to Wipe Israel Off the Map"

source: NorththernTruthseeker

I have transcribed the article from NorthernTruseeker below in full, including a comment from one of his readers.

I have always been under attack by those people in the so called "truth movement" for my attacks on the so called "head honcho" of the entire fraudulent "truth movement", Mr. Alex Jones himself. I have not backed down at all from my assertions over the years that this man, who has a very large following, is nothing more than pure disinformation and has the only purpose of leading people down the wrong path and away from the REAL criminals that are out for our enslavement.

Just today, I was alerted to a new video, via Youtube, that shows again exactly WHY Alex Jones absolutely can not ever be trusted. It is entitled: "Alex Jones Says Iran Wants To Wipe Israel Off The Map", and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves startling evidence of what a liar Alex Jones truly is. I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Just like this buffoon claiming a few years back that "Arabs controlled Hollywood", again he has stuck his foot in his mouth with this insane and absolute outright lie that "Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map"!

Even Alex Jones absolutely knows that Ahmadinejad was purposely misquoted and mistranslated in his speech about Israel years back. The actual wording of that speech was that President Ahmadinejad saw the day that the Zionist regime in Israel would be removed from power. Nowhere in that speech did he EVER say or even insinuate that he wanted "Israel wiped off the map"!

I also have further proof that Iran NEVER threatened to "Wipe Israel off the map" by the following video where the Israeli deputy Prime Minister ADMITS that Iran never threatened Israel at all. Here is that video:

Therefore the question becomes... WHY is Alex Jones spewing such false rhetoric and continuing to mislead his listening audience? Is it not obvious he is giving everyone false information?

I have said it before and I will say it again... Alex Jones and his entire "Infowars" program is nothing more than controlled opposition. He will never tell the truth about exactly who the real criminals are; the elitist Jews who want to wreck and enslave our world. It is definitely time for everyone to turn off "Infowars" once and for all, and seek the real facts from truthful alternative sources.

commment from "buelahman":

The buffoons who clamor all over Alex Jones come in three stripes.

Seeking people who knows there is something horribly wrong and they find that the disinformational Jones is using 90% truth, so they find some answers... enough to keep them from pushing forward, and many times become so defensive of him when people like you or I point out that the most important 10% (critically important) is being intentionally kept from them, that they lash out.

Second, there are witless chumps who know better... have read and studied certain subjects (like Jewish control), but do not want to be politically incorrect, so they refuse to go "all the way". They play within the bounds set for them as to not rock the boat and bring the real gangsters down on their heads.

Third, the intentional misleaders, misdirectionalists, paid shills for Jewry/Zionist interests who continue the bogus lies regarding Iran, defense of Israel, Nazis-control-the world, minions all set to keep your eye off of the real ball... Israel and organized international Jewry. There are many of these hacks around, including the Jones endorsed POTUS grandpa, Ron Paul. Paul will NEVER call out Jewry. He attacks 911 questioners. He doesn't discuss Usury. His mentors are Jews (Ayn Rand and the like). Its as if he protects Jewish interests. Jones is exactly the same.

Jones will sometimes say Zionism is bad, but it always comes back to "Nazis-control-the-world". He dare not discuss Usury (and from whence it came). He dare not discuss the Talmud and the "superiority" it dictates to Jew religious believers and/or non-believers (it permeates virtually the entire tribe/race/cult, whatever it is).

Some suggest that its because he is married to a Jewess. If so, he is no man and certainly no truth-teller.

I contend it is because he is somehow controlled by Jewry (either money or allowed to continue his money-grubbing).

Anyone else would have long ago been taken down in some way or another.

Just look at his right-hand Brit Man. Once, would speak against these powers, but now will not bring it up.

That tells me that somebody got to him. And look where he ended up. Another disinformational project used to keep people from finding out that crucial 10%. The 10% that would stop their control.

Alex Jones is a shyster. A snakeoil salesman with a big bottle of impotent, tainted water to heal your ills. Yet, you never get healed. As a matter of fact, you get worse over time.

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