Friday, November 2, 2012

"Labyrinth of Truth"

This is a ongoing series of videos, with a broad and in-depth analysis of the Luciferian roots and aims of the "New World Order" conspiracy. It is one of the very best films I have ever seen on the subject of the NWO. While it covers the basics and would be fitting for a novice to the subject, it delves into many areas that will enlighten even those who have researched the area for years. This is truly a mind-blowing, powerful film, which I highly recommend.

While I am in agreement with ~98%+ of the content of the film, I do want to mention, as a disclaimer, that I disagree with the film in some major areas -- including, notably, their erroneous support of the 'orthodox' fairy tale of the WWII "holocaust of jews", as well as their false assertion that the so-called "jews" are the descendants of the Israelites. Also, as an adherent of "Israelite Identity" and an opponent of the false apostle Paul, I disagree on a few major theological points, including the film producer's position that "all of humanity are God's children" and support of the writings of Paul.

Youtube currently has the video broken up into 50+ parts, each around 10 minutes in length.

Part 1:

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