Friday, July 27, 2012

Eustace Mullins: The Bankers behind Hitler, Stalin and Israel

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you will all agree that mere words cannot express the feelings invoked by the undeniable successes achieved by Jewish people here in the United States.
I write to congratulate each and every Jewish person for the part they played in placing Jewish people in key positions. As we all know, it would not be possible for the Jewish people to attain monopoly positions in such a vast and diverse set of industries and in government – if it were not for the complicity and supporting role played by the overall Jewish community.
Somehow, the magnitude of your achievements have gone unnoticed by the majority of Americans. In fact, many Americans actually deny the fact that you have performed the very feats that you have.
We hope to remedy that situation by expressing our heartfelt congratulations to the Jewish people of the world for their spirited no-matter-what-it-takes cohesiveness.
Let me just take a moment now to list a few of the impressive achievements that the Jewish people have made.
Jewish people hold vast monopolies in key industries.
Jewish people monopolize the banking industry.
I think the Jewish banking monopoly deserves a very special congratulations because the vast system of Jewish usury has financially enabled the monopoly takeover of many other industries. Here are but a few:
Jewish people monopolize the insurance industry,
Jewish people monopolize the in so-called “precious” metals industries, jewelry (gold, silver, diamonds),
Jewish people monopolize the newspapers across the country,
Jewish people monopolize the TV networks and stations across the country,
Jewish people monopolize the movie companies,
Jewish people monopolize the movie distribution,
Jewish people monopolize the movie theater chains across the country,
Jewish people monopolize the the music industry,
Jewish people monopolize the pornography industry,
Jewish people monopolize the big book and textbook publishers and many others.
But Jewish people do not merely monopolize key industries. The also monopolize several key professions, such as the legal profession and our political system itself.
Sadly, many Americans seem to think that the Jewish people had something to do with Jesus. That Jewish people are merely a tiny powerless, persecuted minority – or even that Jewish people were not the aggressors of World War 2 against Germany.
It is travesty that Americans don’t seem to know the truth about the Jewish people.
Isn’t it?

John Friend said...

Eustace Mullins was waaaaay wrong about this one... the bankers DID NOT fund Hitler, but they did fund the Jew controlled Allied powers, namely the US, UK, and USSR. Hitler and NSDAP Germany were AGAINST Jewish Bolshevism and plutocratic, Jewish capitalism.

antisocialist said...

Of course the bankers funded Hitler!

Have you seen the Disney cartoons purportedly drawn by Hitler during the Second World War?

Using ear analysis for identification, Ed Chiarini (Dallas Goldbug) claims, with certain technical expertise and photographic substantiation, that the role of Hitler was being played by the Sorcerer himself...Walt Disney. He has quite a wealth of photographic evidence of false identities enabling a government takeover from as far back as Teddy Roosevelt. Quite compelling. Furthermore, look at who played the role of Ava Braun. Just one big happy family, it would seem.

Check out this youtube clip of Disney/Hitler side by side.