Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Message Board Forum plug - "Knowledge is Power"

Rufus of News From Atlantis, a friend of mine, just recently contacted me and informed me that he is starting a new forum (link above) dedicated to real freedom of speech, geared towards those of the 'truthseeker' and 'anti-NWO' persuasion.

There are very few internet forums and message boards that truly allow total freedom of speech. I can't think of any that I have ever visited, with the exception of the now defunct "Liberty Forum". Most censor in one way or another, whether is controlled opposition forums such as PrisonPlanet or Above Top Secret censoring those who get too close to the truth in certain areas, or "mainstream" forums that censor speech deemed to be "hateful" or "racist" according to jewish political correctness. Even most smaller forums censor, discourage, and suppress viewpoints that conflict with the ideology of the forum founder.

Like many of those reading this, I am sure, I have been repeatedly suspended, banned, and censored due to posting 'non-kosher' viewpoints on various forums -- including PrisonPlanet, godlike productions, and other college and sports-related message boards. This can be extremely frustrating and discouraging.

Thus, there is the need for more venues where real freedom of speech is not only permitted (imagine that) but encouraged. Only through the free exchange of ideas, asking questions, open debate on "controversial" issues, allowing those with whom you may strongly disagree with to voice their opinion, and challenging "sacred cows" can we ever hope to expose error and lies, and come to a greater understanding of truth.

Obviously, getting a sizeable community of people together may take some time, but this is a start, and one action in the right direction. Hopefully, at the least this forum will serve as a place where those of us in this community can interact, share ideas with one another, and vent freely. Then, eventually, as it gains steam hopefully it can become a destination for a larger audience of like-minded truthseekers searching for a forum that allows real freedom of speech.

If interested, I invite you to join.


Anonymous said...

Is this a forum where we can tell the truth?

I'm searching a forum for a long time, where I can discus with other people, I know one "The Information Underground" but I don't trust this forum. I heard it's a Jewish creation to spy out people who try to expose the Jews.

Lone Wolf said...

"Is this a forum where we can tell the truth?"

Yes SerbdomFighter.

As you can see from this article Rufus wrote promoting the forum on his blog, he is absolutely committed to complete freedom of speech.

And Rufus has made me a site administrator at the forum as well.

Anonymous said...

This forum is great, I will be active there and even invite my friends for discus.

Lone Wolf said...

^I see you've joined SerbdomFighter. Thanks for spreading the word. Hopefully, we can gain members and make the forum much more vibrant & active in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I invited one of my friends to this forum, he is AshurayaPlasha. I will ask some other friends.

Lone Wolf said...

^great, thanks

Anonymous said...

I wish that Hexzane, Crush the Talmudic serpent, Gandalf and other smart persons join this forum.

Lone Wolf said...

^That would be great. I haven't heard from "Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent" in a long time.

george wells said...

A lot of people have orgasms when they hear the word JEW and get really excited to expresses their ideas and emotions about JEWS.

Maybe more people should stop embracing their own genocide, stop being distracted and start talking about the white genocide issue.

AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE explained a lot about the observed reality, a reality about a future with fewer and fewer white people in it.