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Suppressed Colossal War Crime & Tragedy - Soviets murder 3.5 million German POWs & half a million ethnic German civilians in Gulags circa WW2

German POW-MIA Memorial in Rübenberge, Lower Saxony, Germany [1]

Operation Barbarossa, the beginning

June 22th 1941 - Zionist minion and jew Adolf Hitler orders operation "Barbarossa", the invasion of the Soviet Union, involving about 4.5 million Axis-power troops. To date, this is the largest military operation in human history in both manpower and casualties. Those influenced by kosher 'historians' are perplexed as to why Hitler would open Germany to a war on the Eastern Front as well, as well as why he did not take Moscow early and instead stalled, turned south, and attempted to take Stalingrad. The reason is because the International Jewish Money Power had pre-determined that Germany was to be crushed.

The invasion of the Soviet Union ends in catastrophe for the German army and nation -- resulting in 95% of all German military casualties from 1941 to 1944, the defeat of Germany in WW2, and the deaths of an additional 3.5 million German POWs and half a million ethnic German civilians in the Soviet gulags.

Stalingrad, February 1943

German field marshal Friedrich von Paulus surrenders to the Soviets, with 95,000 survivors of the battered and frozen Wehrmacht. This is the first sizeable group of German prisoners captured by the Soviets. Of these 95,000 German prisoners of war captured at Stalingrad, ultimately only 5,000 survived to return home to Germany.

End of War - Around 6 million German POWs taken by Allies

On May 8, 1945 the Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany. Some 3.5-4 million German soldiers are taken prisoner by the Soviet Union, and around 2-2.5 million are taken by the United States, Great Britian, and France and placed in POW camps. It is now known and admitted that at least one million German POWs were deliberately starved to death and killed in the POW camps operated by the United States and other Western Allies.

The fate awaiting those taken by the Soviets was even worse. The Soviets did not sign the Prisoner of War Convention in 1929, and used the German POWs for slave labor to "rebuild Russia" and to work the mines of Siberia. They were deliberately starved and worked to death, fed on very minimal rations. Millions died as a result of lack of food and disease, carrying out hard labour, many in the extreme cold of Siberia. Very few survived to ever return to Germany. [2]

German prisoners of war captured by the Soviets

Soviets Transport German POWs to Gulags In Massive Boxcars

Soviet soldier leads German POWs to work at forced labor camp

1953 - 2.8 million German POWs had died in the Soviet Union

A 1953 article in the The Pittsburgh Press admits 2.8 million German POWs taken by the Soviet Union have died, and another 700,000 are still listed as "missing." [3]

Only around 20,000 German POWs held in the Soviet Union would be repatriated to Germany after 1953. [4]

The last surviving 10,000 German POWs were not released by the Soviets until 1955.

Thus, around 3.5 million German POWs perished while in Soviet captivity.

Ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe also shipped to the Gulags

At least 250,000 ethnic Germans from areas in the Soviet sphere during WW2 -- including countries such as Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Romania --were deported to the Soviet Union for use in the Gulag slave labor camps to work in the reconstruction of heavy industry and mines. They were housed in concentration camps under armed guard. Many never returned to their homelands. [5]

1941 - Ethnic Germans living within Russia Deported to Siberian Gulags

World War Two provided Stalin with the excuse to carry out the "final solution" to the "German problem" in Russia. Via formal decree on August 28, 1941, he ordered all ethnic Germans living within Russia deported to Siberia and other points east, citing their potential "threat" as dissidents, spies and collaborators aiding the German enemy. Around half a million ethinc Germans were stripped of their land and homes, rounded up and transported by rail (usually in railroad freight or cattle cars) eastward to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Siberia, and other remote areas for use in forced labor.

No one knows how many died, but scholars estimate that during the 1940s at least 300,000 Russian Germans perished, either in transport to the east or in the forests, mines and fields of Siberia. [6]

Jewish bloodlust - 'The killing out of the Goyim'

At least 4 million ethnic Germans are exterminated in the Soviet Gulag death and slave labor camp system during and after World War Two in one of the largest and most heinous atrocities in the history of humanity. Why is this not taught in schools and universities? Is it a wonder that jewish-controlled Hollywood does not make movies about this real 'holocaust'?

And what of the one million German POWs deliberately murdered by the United States and other Western Allies in open-field concentration camps? Or what about the other 60+ million people systematically slaughtered by the jewish communists in the former Soviet Union?

The real genocides of history are swept under the rug. According to the jewish-controlled 'mainstream' media and academia 'Establishment', it seems there is only one supposed "genocide" that even matters -- the so-called "Holocaust™", which turns out was not a "genocide" at all, but rather a fraudulent mythology with good publicity and marketing.

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New Message Board Forum plug - "Knowledge is Power"

Rufus of News From Atlantis, a friend of mine, just recently contacted me and informed me that he is starting a new forum (link above) dedicated to real freedom of speech, geared towards those of the 'truthseeker' and 'anti-NWO' persuasion.

There are very few internet forums and message boards that truly allow total freedom of speech. I can't think of any that I have ever visited, with the exception of the now defunct "Liberty Forum". Most censor in one way or another, whether is controlled opposition forums such as PrisonPlanet or Above Top Secret censoring those who get too close to the truth in certain areas, or "mainstream" forums that censor speech deemed to be "hateful" or "racist" according to jewish political correctness. Even most smaller forums censor, discourage, and suppress viewpoints that conflict with the ideology of the forum founder.

Like many of those reading this, I am sure, I have been repeatedly suspended, banned, and censored due to posting 'non-kosher' viewpoints on various forums -- including PrisonPlanet, godlike productions, and other college and sports-related message boards. This can be extremely frustrating and discouraging.

Thus, there is the need for more venues where real freedom of speech is not only permitted (imagine that) but encouraged. Only through the free exchange of ideas, asking questions, open debate on "controversial" issues, allowing those with whom you may strongly disagree with to voice their opinion, and challenging "sacred cows" can we ever hope to expose error and lies, and come to a greater understanding of truth.

Obviously, getting a sizeable community of people together may take some time, but this is a start, and one action in the right direction. Hopefully, at the least this forum will serve as a place where those of us in this community can interact, share ideas with one another, and vent freely. Then, eventually, as it gains steam hopefully it can become a destination for a larger audience of like-minded truthseekers searching for a forum that allows real freedom of speech.

If interested, I invite you to join.