Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pre-war, various European newspapers report Adolf Hitler was of Jewish ancestry; Post-war, Nazi apologists acknowledge the truth

Sources: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth, [2], [3]

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Anonymous said...

Why would allow the Jews to spread this? Ok, maybe the Jews didn´t control the whole newspapers, and today nobody can read this at today´s newspapers.

Lone Wolf said...

Good question. They also report on other damning information, such as the recent revelation of Hitler's DNA showing Ashkenazi jewish ancestry...or on 9/11 regarding the "5 dancing Israelis."

But it's important to note that when information like this IS reported, it's not on a wide scale, but rather just a few news outlets. Then, the information is suppressed and hardly ever mentioned in the "mainstream" news ever again.

I suspect that even given their control of 99% of the western media, information can leak out despite that...either from the 1% they do not control, or from "oversights" in their censorship/editing process.

James Laffrey said...

Before WW2, jews created and spread the lies that Adolf Hitler was jewish.

Why would they do that? They wanted to take advantage of the massive anti-jew (not "anti-semitic" but anti-jew) sentiment among the population.

Since then, the same lies are regurgitated. Remember, Hitler spent a decade building his party (the NSDAP, which means National Socialist German Workers Party, which they did not call "nazi." Jews put that tag on them as an insult). In 1933, by popular vote in the previous election, Hitler deserved to be Chancellor. He was appointed to that position in late January 1933. In March 1933, worldwide jewry declared war on Germany. Hitler wasn't even the fuhrer yet.

WW2 didn't start until 5 years later.

Look at the dates on those lies about Hitler being Jewish. Who owned those media outlets?

I've written a lot about Hitler on the EqualPartyUSA site. I've learned a lot in the last year. I've read a lot of original and translated documents from Hitler-Germany. When we compare what Hitler actually said and actually did against what FDR, Churchill, and Stalin said and did, we easily see who was telling the truth.

That's why I have recently said that we must fight the biggest Lie with the biggest Truth. Jews have totally reversed the truth about Hitler and WW2. Hitler was the only honest leader of a major country at that time -- and there have been none since.

hexzane said...

My opinion is that those informations were not intended for goyims, but for everyday jews. It was an internal communication plan.

Of course, as Hitler was a jew, it was certainly well known among the jewish community. Jewish leaders couldn't hide this.

But of course, as the goal of jewish leaders was to betray the average jews by obliging them to go to Israel with the help of Hitler and the staged wwII, they had to deceive jews about Hitler. Otherwise, everyday jews could have connected the dots and understand that their leaders were betraying them, or, after the war, had betrayed them.

Something which would have destroyed the great unity between everyday jews and their leaders.

So, they had to recognize that Hitler was indeed a jew, thus confirming what jews already knew (so, the part of the story jewish leaders couldn't hide). But the deceiving part was to add that he was just quarter jewish (whereas he was probably 100 % jewish) and that he was a self-hating jew, thus explaining his hatred against the jews and all the rest of his behavior.

And as the everyday jew is completely stupid, jews still swallow this story.

But the real story was that Hitler was 100 % jewish, that he was put in place by greater jewish leaders in order to create the staged wwII, fought against other countries which were all controlled by jews, and to be hostile toward jews. This, in order to oblige jews to go to Israel : before the war, during the war, and after the war (by trapping many of them in the future USSR, which suddenly, had become hostile to jews).

Today, all the papers about Hitler being a jew are still intended for jews. But they are now also intended for goyims, since with Internet, goyims are able to understand the real story.

Lone Wolf said...

^I must agree with you hexzane that Adolf Hitler appears closer to 100% jewish blood than 25%...based on his physical appearance alone - eg, short stature, dark hair, facial features, etc. He is nothing close to a pure strain of white/Nordic/European.

James Laffrey said...

Adolf Hitler was not a jew.

Why don't you read something NOT written and disseminated by jews? Yes, I'm guessing you "jew Hitler" people have not read good evidence such as this:

From there, you might also read some of Yeager's translations of German writings. I suggest that the more you read, the more the truth will become quite clear. Jews have reversed the truth about Hitler and Germany of 1933-45.

Otherwise, use GoogleTranslator so you can read texts of Hitler's speeches and other German insider's speeches and writings. The grammar will be bad, and some mistakes will appear, but the gist will be clear.

(By the way, the statement "the everyday jew is completely stupid" is misinformation. If said while knowing it to be false, then it's disinfo. The everyday jew is not assimilated into our societies. They hoard assets, never selling anything of value to nonjews. They are the silent enemy all across the country. I've seen it. I know it. Jews got ownership of newspapers in every town, for example, and then when those individuals wanted to retire, they sold the newspapers not to local nonjews who would have loved to own a newspaper but to jew corporations -- the big chains. That's just one example of many that I know for fact.)

Lone Wolf said...


Let's just use the axiom of "by their fruits shall ye know them."

Surely you will not object to the fact that Socialism/Communism/Marxism is a jewish invention and jewish-lead movement. Why then was Adolf Hitler involved in socialism?

Why was Hitler and the top hierarchy of the Nazi party so heavily involved in the occult? As we know, the religion of "Judaism" is nothing more than occultism/Satanism.

Why did Hitler have so many jewish close friends and associates?...such as his jewish psychic "Erik Jan Hanussen" (real surname Steinschneider)

Why were there so many jews among the top Nazi hierarcy?...including Josef Goebbels, Adolf Eichmann, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank and Reinhard Heydrich. Just look at the pictures of these characters (especially Goebbels, Eichmann, and Heydrich) and try to tell yourself they aren't jews.

And what of all the so-called military "blunders" by Hitler? Why would he not capture the British soldiers at Dunkirk and effectively end the war with the British? Why the disasterous decision to not take Moscow and to attempt to take Stalingrad? Why? Because the plan of Hitler's jewish banker masters was to prolong the war and have Germany ultimately lose the war.

And ultimately, what did Adolf Hitler accomplish for the German people? As a result of the Nazi leadership, Germany was lead to a catastrophic defeat in the war, the deaths of some 6 million of her best men killed in battle or Soviet/U.S. POW death camps, and another 5-10+ million German civilians murdered in the genocidal post-war occupation.

hexzane said...


No, being smart is not doing what you have been told to do since you were young (robbing and deceiving goyims). That's something easy.

Being smart is for example being able to understand that your beloved leaders have lied to you and have betrayed you. That's being smart.

Everyday jews are obviously not smart. Especially when you consider that they had the information that Hitler was a jew. The should have connected the dots long ago. But they weren't able to do this. Goyims (Lone Wolf, me, Crush the Talmudic serpent, etc...) have done that.

Anonymous said...

@James Laffrey

Could you say me why did Hitler collaborate with the Yugoslav communists? I can show you my video then think again about the "hero Hitler". I can you ask so many questions that disprove Hitler´s "heroic deed". Tell me, what would happen if we believe that Hitler was a Jew? The end of the world? I don´t know why so many feel insulted when we try to explain that Hitler was a Jew. Even I must ACCEPT that Slobodan Milosević (if you know him) was a Mason and Jew-puppet who was at the end killed by the Jews. As long people defend Hitler, we never can expose the Jews.

I saw even that these Hitler lovers start to protect Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt by claiming that they were not Jews, but only "Jew puppets".

And BTW, the Nazis CALLED themselves "Nazi", the proof is a medal made by Goebbels.