Saturday, June 25, 2011

"The Great Red Dragon or London Money Power" by L. B. Woolfolk (must read)

I highly recommended this book. Published in 1889 by an American Baptist preacher, based on decades of research, and suppressed for years. It covers the rise and influence of the jewish "London Money Power", and not only the banking power wielded by these jewish "money kings", but primarily the control and monopolization of all major spheres of industry and commerce throughout the world in the 1700-1800s by this cabal, via their unlimited reserves of capital -- starting with the British East India company, and then expanding to shipping, railroads, mining, crude oil, real estate, farming, etc.

Read full book here.

"This is L.B. Woolfolk's suppressed book The Great Red Dragon or London Money Power (published in 1889) which gives the history of the rise of the London money power, the resulting imperialism of the capital and the connection this Great Red Dragon plays in biblical prophecies. This amazing book which contains a treasure trove of information that charts the acquisition of the world's wealth that was necessary for the International Judaics to then go on to use to dominate this world. The "money power" is a historic phrase used by many famous people including presidents to describe the gigantic banking trust located in the City of London, the richest square mile in the world. They are identified as the remarkable personalities that the author refers to International Judaics. And as the reader shall see, they are neither ALL Jews, nor are they anything other than "Jews". Also in this book you shall see the concept of gentile "useful idiots" laid out, though the author does not at the early time of this writing (circa 1890) know that it is something that the International Judaics would hone to perfection, as a means to hide their absolute domination in all fields wherein the "gentile" useful idiots would be ostensively placed at the (visible) head of corporations and dominions. This work is the outgrowth of a life of thought, largely directed to the study of Prophecy, History, and Political Economy. Indeed, the work is the product of original thought. Its historical portion is the history of an Imperialism whose existence has been hitherto unrecognized. Its remedy is based upon principles of Political economy that have never before been presented to the world. Its Prophetic Exposition is part of a System of Prophetic Interpretation that is entirely new. The Author may therefore claim the indulgence due to a pioneer, whose movement is over a pathway unsmoothed by the progress of earlier thought. As no history of the London Money Power has ever been written, the author has been under the necessity of gathering his facts from newspaper items, and from the statements of individuals whose reliability is above question. His store of facts has been constantly increasing down to the present time. Some important facts he has learned since the publication of this work began; other facts he learned too late for them to appear in the present edition. No doubt, in every community facts are known which illustrate the course of the Money Power in this country. These facts will doubtless soon be published; and it is hoped that ere long a full and connected history of the Rise of the Money Power may be given to the world. 180 pages. A must read for everyone."


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