Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Ron Paul 2012' - Don't fall for this charlatan's BS again

The 'Real Deal' or another wolf in sheep's clothing?

Stands behind the absurd kosher 9/11 fairytale and the 'war on terror'

Paul maintains the 'official' line that Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attacks.

He even routinely publicly denounces "9/11 truthers" as "fringe lunatics" in his appearances in the controlled media. Paul spits in the face of his support base who overwhelmingly know and believe that 9/11 was a false flag.

2008 'Presidential bid' was a complete farce

Paul raised record amounts of money in his 2008 campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination (around $20 million in a very short amount of time, due to "money bombs" and online contributions), far more than any other Republican candidate, and even Barack Obama (over the same time period). And that was with effectively all the donations coming from small individual contributions, not big corporate donations. Real polls showed Paul was the clear run-away leader among the Republican candidates.

Yet when the primaries rolled around, the electronic voting machines said Paul was near the bottom of the pack, and illegal immigrant champion and RINO John McCain (whom real polls showed was actually the very least favorite candidate among Republican voters) was installed as the nominee.

So what did Paul say and do about the massive voting fraud, and the rigged process? Nothing. Not even a whimper. In fact, he completely squandered his vast campaign war chest, hardly spending any of it on advertisements or contesting the vote fraud.

Soft on illegal immigration

Paul has demonstrated he is not an opponent of illegal immigration, and recently has revealed that he is effectively in the pro-amnesty camp, saying it would be "incompatible with human rights" to follow the law and deport illegal aliens, and coming out in support of a green card for illegal immigrants in the United States. [1]

A supporter of the homosexual agenda

Paul supports "gay marriage", even voting in favor of it in the House of Representatives in 2004. [2]

Connections to Freemasonry

Reportedly, Ron Paul's father was a Freemason, his wife is a member of the Eastern Star, and his daughters were "Rainbow girls". There is strong reason to believe that Ron Paul may in fact be a high-ranking member of the Masonic Lodge.

So we are to believe that a "leader in the fight against the New World Order" would have connections to an organization so integral and dedicated to the implementation of the NWO?

Ron Paul - Clearly Controlled Opposition

Paul is playing his part in the whole charade, in order to give the "Truther" and Patriot community the illusion that their voices can be heard in the "mainstream" and that there may be some legitimacy left in politics and the election process. His talk against the Federal Reserve, cutting the size and spending of government, and "ending the wars" is empty rhetoric. Even if this clown was allowed to be President, the Federal Reserve and big government would continue, along with the 'war on terror' and the rest of the jewish NWO agenda.

Is Ron Paul the 'real deal'?
Yes. He is fighting to save us from the NWO.
No. Paul is obviously a judas goat playing a role in the whole charade that is politics. free polls


sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

GodSend said...

Anyone who still supports the "Official" 911 BIG LIE must be one of the following: (1) Zionist Slimeball; (2) Zionist Slimeball Shill ("Auslege" Goy Stooge); (3) one of the dumbed-down "Sheeple". Anyone holding public office or a Federal Gov't official (including Military Officers) cannot be a (3).

Ron Paul is a (2) - Zionist Slimeball Shill and "Auslege" Goy Stooge.

"Off with their heads!"

John Friend said...

If you're not talking about 9/11 Truth and Justice, you don't deserve my support. Or anyone's for that matter.

Lone Wolf said...

^&^^, agreed

Anonymous said...

Anyone who advocates a gold standard -'real money' 'silver,gold' as opposed to 'fiat currency'
is a Rothschild agent- including Ron Paul. Ron Paul is Rothschild's 'plan 9 from outer space'

Here's the short version- Rothschild will cancel the New World Order under one condition-USA lets him continue to control it's currency (with some new bullshit SDR bancor garbage with a gold component, which he controls). If not-- he will nuke USA into outer space- that's plan 9

Thomas Paine said...

I must firmly disagree. You don't think Ron Paul knows how the world works? Ron understands that we need to push the pendulum the other way (from marxism back to freedom) So does he somewhat sugar coat the message for the masses and hold some stuff off the table? Sure because sadly the sheeple are so damn ignorant and brainwashed that the Truth would shut down their minds. There is a difference between misdirection by the likes of Alex "arabs own hollywood" Jones, and just toning things down so that they are more palatable. Ron Paul was a big catalyst for me personally to begin searching out what really goes on behind the scenes.

Also I have heard the "ron paul is a mason" line a million times without a SHRED of credible evidence, and no some weak handshake of bill mahers show is not evidence.

The fact of the matter is Ron Paul has been successful in what he has set out to do, he has made people aware of the Federal Reserve, and anyone who keeps digging will see who sits on top of that evil institution, if they keep digging the will get to the Truth but that is up to them not Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has planted millions of seeds, he has gotten them to question their government, and that is step one. It is our job to insure that they continue to grow and become more and more aware of the true nature of the world.

Lone Wolf said...

^Thomas, I agree that Paul has helped to "wake up" many people. But so has Alex Jones. That's immaterial as to him possibly being controlled op.

I too thought maybe Paul was just "holding back on some of the hard truths" (eg, 9/11 being a false flag, etc) in order to not be ridiculed in the "mainstream" media, so that he might have a better shot at being elected.

But what shot that theory down, and really opened my eyes to the fact that he is controlled opposition is how he "layed down" during the 2008 Republican nomination process. He did absolutely nothing to contest the massive vote fraud that so clearly cheated him out of the nomination. And he squandered the record amount of money he raised. This overwhelmingly proves he was NOT trying to win the nomination, was "in on it", and is controlled opposition.

Then go look at how Paul is very soft on illegal immigration and supports amnesty, how he supports the homosexual agenda, etc.

HPrice said...

Ron Paul is definitely a Mason. I saw a video ages ago on Youtube where he was seen to shake the hand of the host of a tv talk show with a masonic hand shake. It was incredibly clear and could not be mistaken for anything else.

Also Paul has written a book with an ex-board member of The Project for the New American Century (Lewis Lehrman) ... yeah those Neo-con/Zionists who wanted a new Pearl Harbor (who in their right mind would want so many deaths on US soil just to get their way with some policy or other??)

So those two alone make him incredibly suspicious to me.

Plus all that money he raised. Where the dickens did it all go?? Maybe to shore up that smile of his??

[Oh and don't keep looking at it though, its strangely hypnotic. It will drive you insane if you stare at it enough ...]

And on top of all that, he has managed to stay within the system for years and years. I think that only an "insider" or someone who is bought can do that for such a long time.

Anyway, just some thoughts,

Take care,

Harvey P, Christchurch, NZ

Lone Wolf said...

^Thanks for your insights/comment Harvey. I didn't know about his book with Lehrman.

HPrice said...

No problem, Lone Wolf. You can find it on Amazon pretty easily. Strangely enough its called "The Case for Gold" (hmmm ... thats odd :D). It was published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and has a foreward by Lew Rockwell.

Hmmm ... so is the "anti-war", Rockwell, really so anti-war if he is pushing something by a pro-war neocon ... hmmm, not a hypocrite in any way then?? nahhh.

Anyway, a lot of questions here I think. But yeah Paul is bought and paid for, no question of it I think. Not in my mind, anyway.

Hope all this helps, anyway,

Best wishes

Harvey P.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, people don't know about campaign laws. Here's the deal:

All candidates who run for an elected office must file campaign financial forms with the Federal Elections Commissions accounting for monies received and spent. Any monies not spent can be earmarked as to be used for campaigning at a later date. This is why we have "career politicians" who spend most of their time campaigning - because they can keep adding to their "campaign account" and so they do, 'cause they want to get as much $$ as possible to pay for all their campaign ads 'cause we all know the sheeple just do what they're told by the media, and don't really look into the candidates themselves.

Plus, after Ron dropped out, he also formed Campaign for Liberty, a PAC that has been involved in educating the people about liberty, as well as supporting liberty candidates. I'm sure it will be supporting Ron Paul.

Ron's not as dumb as people would like him to be. I think he was very pleasantly surprised to see how much support he had in '08. But he's been around a while and knows how skewed and dirty campaigns can be. I think he may have made the wiser choice by dropping out in '08, cutting financial costs/losses, and saving that $$ for a '12 run.

If you're really curious, you may want to call his campaign office and ask if any funds from the '08 campaign were put into an account for the '12 run. If not, then ask what they did with the funds. Until you take the time to find out for yourself, I don't think it's appropriate to make negative assumptions, unless, of course, the banksters behind both parties have hired you to put out smears against Ron all over the net, including this blog.

Anonymous said...

In a rigged political system, such as ours, the puppet masters will provide a well managed opposition figure to act as a champion for the little guy.

I think of it as a 'pressure relief valve' for public rage to vent into the wind. The champion tells the people what they want to hear and the crowd roars it's approval.

Of course, nothing will come of this, no repeals of onerous legislation, no reforms of unjust laws, no reversal of evil foreign affairs matters.

It just so people have the illusion that they live in a country where their voice counts, and that perhaps there are some "good" people in gov't that are looking out for them.

There aren't any good people in any position of power, and if one did appear and offer any kind of threat, then he/she would suffer a remarkable upset in the next election, or have a unfortunate 'incident' involving a plane crash, sex scandal or a untimely suicide.

The only interests being looked after by the gov't are select corporate interests, with certain big banks at the head of the line.

Lone Wolf said...

^Well said.

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! The Eastern Star? You mean, the knitting circle that Mason's wives join because they are not allowed to see the men cry in their sweat lodges?


Anonymous said...

[citation needed]

Anonymous said...

oh no, how could it be, he supports gay marriage! blasphemy! he's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

The author needs to be schooled...

First of all, RP is smarter than you. He knows 9/11 was an inside job he just can't come out and take that position publicly because he would be criticized, labeled a crazy and never given any TV exposure again. USE YOUR HEADS. He has to gain everyone's trust and only talk about issues America is willing to listen to. Then when he gets elected he can get an independent investigation going.

#2 - The campaign had all the wrong people and not a very good strategy. It took off faster than any of the campaign ever dreamed about and they didn't have the proper structure in place for creating a A+ campaign.

#3 - He wants to bring home the troops to guard our borders.

#4 - He supports gay marriage because WHO THE F cares what the gays do... AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT HURTING ANYONE NO ONE SHOULD GIVE A F***! That's freedom for you.

Use common sense.

Anonymous said...

I don't see Paul running on a 9-11 false flag investigation platform, do you? I say give him a chance.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info but think about it....he would be even farther behind in the polls if he pushed the 9-11 truth fact button. ill take my chances with him.....the others running are warmongering idiots. Remember there is not such thing as illegal humans.... be thankful the american indians thought that way. History = Sad for them, good for you.

Anonymous said...

So why did Osama Bin Laden take credit for 9-11 again?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has no personal ties to freemasonry, that can be clearly found by his own admition and just using your ability to search in to his back ground. With Ron Paul's position against power, do you honestly think it would be a good idea to publicly admit he has doubts about the official 9/11 story? That is just stupid. He has shown on many accounts where he has voted against a policy that seems out of character that his reasons are not always because of the actual topic, but because of a side issue involved with the topic. Do your research people! RON PAUL 2012!!!!!