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The Hell of Mauthausen - 2,000,000 exterminated, or another preposterous jewish fable?


Fairy tale, or savagery at its worst?

Mauthausen Was In Southern Germany

The Camp Sat On Top Of A Rock Quarry

Jews Say Thousands Of Jews Were Forced To Jump Off This Cliff

Those not killed on the first fall were taken back up, and thrown over again

The Gas Chamber Was Disguised As A Shower Room

Jews Were Clubbed And Thrown In Alive

What Was Mauthausen?

Mauthausen was a high-security walled prison, which sat on a hill-top in the Austrian countryside. It's inmates were 'Class three' career criminals such as murderers, condemned German criminals, resistance fighters, saboteurs, Allied commandos, dangerous Russian POWs.

It sat on a stone quarry, and Nazis allowed designated prisoners to work it.

When the Allies liberated the camp, it suddenly went from a prison full of criminals, to a death camp where 1.5 million Jews were killed.

Encyclopaedia Britannica (1963) says 2 million killed

The following is a direct quote from Encyclopaedia Britannica (1963), page 288

"At Mauthausen, one of the extermination camps in Austria, close to 2,000,000 people, mostly Jews, were exterminated between 1941 and 1945"

 alleged only 14,000 jews died

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum now states on its website about Mauthausen:

"An estimated 197,464 prisoners passed through the Mauthausen camp system between August 1938 and May 1945. At least 95,000 died there. More than 14,000 were Jewish." [1]

It Was A Prison

It was the 1940 version of a super-max prison, like today's Pelican Bay.

Camp Money

These camps were run as small towns, and even issued their own currency.

Canteens And Brothels

Mauthausen also had a canteen where the prisoners could buy cigarettes, and a brothel with 10 women.


Mauthausen was liberated on April 27, 1945.

Liberated Prisoners Tell Fantastic Stories

Jewish prisoners said Nazis called this cliff the 'Parachute Jump', and often forced prisoners to jump, just for entertainment.

They claim that overworked Jewish prisoners would climb to the top, join hands, and leap out of total despair.

Jews Put In Ovens Alive

Prisoners were clubbed in front of the oven and then cremated. It was not uncommon for the Jews to wake up, and try and fight their way out.

Many a sonderkommando would return to his furnace, and find a hand sticking out.

Fantastic Stories Of Nazi Executions

Jewish prisoners said there were dozens of ways they were killed.

- In winter Nazis sprayed with water, to make ice statues
- Fed to dogs
- Jews had to leap off this cliff
- Gassed
- Clubbed, and then cremated alive
- Red hot poker shoved down throat
- Fire hose put in mouth till you exploded
- Benzine injections for Jewish children
- Guards stood on cliffs and drop grenades
- Carrying 150 lb boulders up 180 stairs
- Clubbed to death with a hammer
- Buried alive
- Mashed in cement mixers
- Whipped to death

Prosecutor Opening Statement - 1.5 Million Killed

"We expect the evidence to show that somewhere between 165,000 and a million and a half persons were killed in the camps of Mauthausen"

Video of this clown

Second Video


The proceedings against the 61 Mauthausen accused began on March 29, 1946 and ended on May 13, 1946.

58 were sentenced to death, and hung. The other three were sentenced to life in prison.

This Makes A Lot Of Sense

Liberate a bunch of criminals from a prison, establish a court with Jewish prosecutors, use the Jewish criminals as witnesses to testify against the German warden, and staff. Then declare them guilty, and hang them.


Winston Smith Ministry of Truth


[insert name here] said...

I thought all the death camps were in Poland. We have committed a thoughtcrime for even reading this post, quick flush it down the memory hole!

Lone Wolf said...

The Holyhoax is an ever-evolving fairytale. In a few more years, maybe they will finally have to admit there were no "death camps" at all, no "homicidal gas chambers", and no "extermination program." But somehow, I assume "6 million" will still be alleged by the jewish holyhoaxers to have died.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

How remiss of us to not be beating our heads over this for so many years!

Personally, not only am I annoyed at those who started all this holocosianity religion in the friggin 1970's but also at the gullible who buy into "holocaust sensitivity" the training now thrust down children's throats on a daily basis.

Society is numbed and dulled down by the zionist entity and does not even ask questions any more. If ENOUGH of us stood up and demanded impartial honest truth we could not all be hushed up and the truth might spread, but it would be a tough war against the painstream media and social pariahdom.

They cannot Zundelize all of us, but try, like the little Dutch boy, to use a finger to keep the tsunami of truth behind the dike of lies....

Lone Wolf said...

^Agreed Noor. If those of us who know the truth speak it relentlessly and loudly, and win enough people to the cause of the truth, a real movement may take root and spread, and will be unstoppable.

In regards to the Holyhoax, I think such a movement is in the beginning stages of really taking off.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"Israel unloaded several white phosphorus bombs on Gaza in April (2011)" J.Azaziah

My question: Is "israel" completely fucking barking-mad CRAZY to be killing Gaza children in front of the whole world?

Fact: the country of "israel" IS a false flag. Their flag is the criminal goldsmith Bauer's red shield. The "country" of Rothschildlandia is as false as the Balfor "declaration" paper written and paid for by false-jew Khazarian Ashkenazis. This "country" is as fake as a three dollar bill.

It is time to end the fakery, the madness, the murder.

Dissolve "israel" before it samsonises the whole world as they did 9/11. Put Nathan and his whole criminal klan in prison (sic).

Press restart and begin the civilised world again - without any usury or any fraction reserve banking. There is no other way - the system can never be fixed as it presently exists. Corruption exists at every single level in every single governing body in every single country everywhere in the world.

If you love your children, if you love life, the above MUST occur worldwide!



Anonymous said...

My father was beaten, stripped naked, tied to a wooden X (a fallen cross),then doused with water, During the winter with snow on the ground.

Russian Communist JEWS did that to him and other Polish people.
It was not a "Nazi" method, but a jew one.

Also the "red hot pkoers" were used by Communist Jews against European Christians before and during WWII.

Lone Wolf said...

^Yes....the inspiration for many of the (false) stories of supposed "Nazi German atrocities" were the very real atrocities committed by the jewish Bolsheviks in Russia and elsewhere.

With the "holocaust" fairytale, the jews merely took their crimes and attempted to put them on others.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sniff... Guaranteed, there are many suckers out there that after being brainwashed by this crap, and the Jewish controlled media, will open their cheque books again and send them more money so that they can destroy us!

Wow... I agree with you, my friend... The lies of the Holy Hoax continue..... And the fact that there are fewer and fewer "survivors" means they have to accelerate their building of temples to that lie even more rapidly so that future generations will religiously believe in the hoax and swindle..

Anonymous said...

I must object to certain things written in this post about Mauthausen. No, 2 million did not die in this concentration camp. The numbers are, as you posted, around 150,000. I know for a fact that the highest % of those, who were jews, is 10 %. Top. The others were Europeans.

However, calling these Europeans criminals, is pretty disgusting. There were a lot of Yugoslav people enslaved in this camp. 17, 18 year old boys, who were NOT criminals, but partisans, defending their country from German invasion, who were caught and then taken to this camp. You know how they called these partisans? The same as today Afghans and Iraqis defending their countries and families against invading armies are: terrorists. See, a terrorist is not the one waging terror in a foreign country, but those, who defend it.

I find it curious, this term, how people in this camp were "allowed" to work by Germans. They weren't allowed to do nearly anything; they were forced.
They did spray people during winter nights with cold water, and people were forced to carry heavy rocks on those 186 stairs.
The brothel may have been reserved for jews; it most certainly wasn't for Europeans, as they were completely starved and over-worked.
Europeans, mostly Slavs (Yugoslavs, Poles, Checks, Slovaks, Russians etc. Hitler had no problems having Japanese as honorary Aryans, making pacts with Muslims, having jews and black in his army, but boy did he hate Slavs! So much for this great White hope, who was not White at all, as obvious by his actions.), never received any compansation. Jews however did; and jews were the ones working in offices and were dismissed from the camp after few months, something which Europeans could only dream of. Funny, the jews didn't mention the fact that there was an electric wire which some people did use for suicide.
A good number of camp kapos were jews; male jews for male part of the camp and female jews for the female part of the camp. They loved beating non-jews.
Most Europeans who came home alive from the camp, rarely speak about it, as they actually went through this and do not wish to think about it all the time, as opposed to jews, who never saw a camp, but can go on and on for years, from one tv show to the next, from one high school to the next, not to mention the books they shit out all the time.
To dismiss the real ordeal of Europeans on the basis of dismissing jewish lies, is a dangerous attempt of not only insulting the real victims of WWII, that is Europeans, but effectively turning the Europeans from the truth about jews, holohoaxh, jewish plan for White genocide.
There are Europeans who died in the camp. There are Europeans who were lucky to survive it. If we wish to awake our fellow Europeans, claiming that there were no extermination camps, will quickly work against awaking our people, if you consider the fact that this is REAL life for them. They know there weren't many jews in these camps (in fact, many will tell you about anyone else but jews), but don't insult them by claiming they were criminals!
And one more thing. When one goes through the list of people in this camp, for example, you will very rarely see a word juden next to obvious jewish names. Make of this what you wish; I know perfectly well what is up with this.

Anonymous said...

Qoute anonymous
"My father was beaten, stripped naked, tied to a wooden X (a fallen cross),then doused with water, During the winter with snow on the ground.

Russian Communist JEWS did that to him and other Polish people."

End of Quote

Thx, same story from my Ukrainian grandfather. Do not forget that systematically torturing to death, when you start to get mentally weak.

After all German farmer where lost aka killed, they needed someone to run the farms in eastern Prussia. That was his ticket out of their camps in Siberia.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.