Thursday, March 31, 2011

An update from 'The Skunk' of Judicial-Inc on recent world events

jacob gold
Brigadier General

I was banned and mentally scar. But, recent events are a must to discuss.

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World Events

Egypt's Revolution -------- Just a Zhid staged event

Libya ---------- Odd that the Jewgro (Obama) bombed Libya because Qaddafi (Israel's Mercs) killed a few protesters. When Israel attacked and slaughtered thousands in Lebanon and Gaza, no one said a word.

Sudan -------- The Liberation Army (nee Communist/Zhids) just want the vast oil supplies of South Sudan

Jerusalem Family killed ----- Five Jews were knifed in an air tight military compound of Itamar .... spare me - Zio black op

Jerusalem bus bomb ------ More Shin Bet black ops ..... Just Jews killing janitors with sophisticated cell phone bombs

The Oscars --------------- Once again Bin Laden lets Zionists alone

Wis conson union busting -----A bunch of Hillel Hebs carrying signs

The revolt in Syria ----------- More staged Zhid bullsh*t. Israeli snipers killing protesters, and Mossad car bombs

Hopefully this will bring us to the final chapter of economic despair, and a nuclear event. No one wanted to hear a word in 1928, but by 1931 America was ripe for revolution.


jacob gold
Brigadier General

The Jewilians want World Domination

Look at 1918, Russia, Germany, Europe, Iceland, Canada, South America, and now the Syrias, Libya, Egypt, Iraq. The final grab will be Iran.

Their game is simple, they collapse a society, eliminate the opposition, and then buy the corporations, real estate, etc for nothing ...... just look at the Jewish engineered 1929.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'Anti-semite' Helen Thomas rehashes 'vicious anti-jewish canard'

'Virulent anti-semite' or simply an old lady who's old enough that she's no longer afraid to tell the truth?

In an interview with Playboy magazine, Helen Thomas says that Jewish Zionists "totally control" the White House, Congress, Hollywood, and Wall Street.


PLAYBOY: Let’s get to something else you said more recently. In a speech in Detroit last December, you told an Arab group, “We are owned by the propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question, in my opinion. They put their money where their mouth is. We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.” Do you stand by that statement?

THOMAS: Yes, I do. I know it was horrendous, but I know it’s true. Tell me it’s not true and I’ll be happy to be contradicted. I’m just saying they’re using their power, and they have power in every direction.

PLAYBOY: That stereotype of Jewish control has been around for more than a century. Do you actually think there’s a secret Jewish conspiracy at work in this country?

THOMAS: Not a secret. It’s very open. What do you mean secret?

PLAYBOY: Well, for instance, explain the connection between Hollywood and what’s happening with the Palestinians.

THOMAS: Power over the White House, power over Congress.

PLAYBOY: By way of contributions?

THOMAS: Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There’s total control.

PLAYBOY: Who are you thinking about specifically? Who are the Jews with the most influence?

THOMAS: I’m not going to name names. What, am I going to name the Ponzi guy on Wall Street [Bernard Madoff] or the others? No.

PLAYBOY: Then how do you make the claim that Jews are running the country?

THOMAS: I want you to look at the Congress that just came in. Do you think [New York Democratic senator Charles] Schumer and Lehtinen—whatever her name is—in Florida [Republican representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a strong supporter of Israel] are going to be pro-Arab? No. But they’re going to be very influential. Eric Cantor, the majority leader of the Republicans, do you think he’s going to be for the Arabs? Hell no! I’m telling you, you cannot get 330 votes in Congress for anything that’s pro-Arab. Nothing. If you’re not in, you’re eased out, just as Senator William Fulbright was in the 1960s [after claiming that millions of tax-deductible dollars from American philanthropies were being sent to Israel and then funneled back to the U.S. for distribution to organizations with pro-Israel positions]. Congressman Paul Findley from a little old rural district in Illinois made the mistake of shaking hands with Yasir Arafat years ago. It ended up costing him his reelection. He later wrote a book called They Dare to Speak Out about how impossible it is to have a position in this country that takes on Israel. Maybe there is a handful that can, but in general you cannot speak against any Zionist movement in this country.

PLAYBOY: Do you begrudge people like Steven Spielberg? He created the Shoah Foundation to chronicle the life stories of Holocaust survivors. What’s your feeling about him?

THOMAS: There’s nothing wrong with remembering it, but why do we have to constantly remember? We’re not at fault. I mean, if they’re going to put a Holocaust museum in every city in Germany, that’s fine with me. But we didn’t do this to the Jews. Why do we have to keep paying the price and why do they keep oppressing the Palestinians? Do the Jews ever look at themselves? Why are they always right? Because they have been oppressed throughout history, I know. And they have this persecution. That’s true, but they shouldn’t use that to dominate.

PLAYBOY: In America you’re talking about a relatively small community. Jews make up roughly two percent of the U.S. population. On a worldwide level, the percentage is well under one percent. Those numbers don’t exactly spell domination.

THOMAS: I get where you’re leading with this. You know damn well the power they have. It isn’t the two percent. It’s real power when you own the White House, when you own these other places in terms of your political persuasion. Of course they have power. You don’t deny that. You’re Jewish, aren’t you?


THOMAS: That’s what I thought. Well, you know damn well they have power.

PLAYBOY: Why did it take you so long to speak out like this?

THOMAS: It hasn’t taken that long. I’ve told all my friends and so forth. This has been an issue for me since I first came to Washington.

PLAYBOY: You’ve kept quiet publicly since the 1940s?

THOMAS: It was certainly on my mind back then. The United Nations Partition Plan was being debated at the UN and in the Arab community, and I knew what the Arabs were going through since I have an Arab background. I was part of that community. Like I said, I’ve never hesitated to tell my views to all my friends. They knew exactly where I stood. But I finally wanted to speak the truth. And I think I’m old enough to get away with it. Well, almost. Not quite.


Monday, March 28, 2011

I shake my fist at heaven and scream "Where was God"?

Dare I ask: - 'What if God didn't take the 6,000,000?'

The World With An Extra Six Million Jews

How many more Abe Foxmans, Larry Kings, Sarah Silvermans, Joan Rivers, or Alan Dershowitz's were stolen from us?

How many more greats like Alan Colmes, Woody Allen, Howard Stern, and Alan Greenspan would have graced us?

The Holocaust didn't hurt just jews, It hurt us all

The Nazis did more than kill human beings, they killed progress. Think of all the scientists, artists, doctors, philosophers, etc.

I imagine we would have cured cancer, have a lifespan of 200 years,

We could have colonies on Mars,

found the fountain of youth, and have no wars because of their leadership

I can still hear the screams of the 4,000,000 gassed in the two car garage with bug spray at Auschwitz

If the Holocaust didn't happen, would the jews have us living in a Utopia by now?
Yes, and their super genius and supreme benevolence will get us there in a few more decades.
The Holocaust didn't happen, but I wish a REAL Holocaust would rid the world of these vampires. free polls

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feds convict Bernard Von NotHaus for minting and selling 'Liberty Dollar' silver coins; Called "domestic terrorist", faces up to 25 years in prison

Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the Liberty Dollar

Apparantly the Feds stacked the jury with nothing but idiots and groveling, slavish, government-worshipping sycophants.

For Immediate Release
March 18, 2011

United States Attorney's Office
Western District of North Carolina
Contact: (704) 344-6222

Defendant Convicted of Minting His Own Currency

STATESVILLE, NC—Bernard von NotHaus, 67, was convicted today by a federal jury of making, possessing, and selling his own coins, announced Anne M. Tompkins, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina. Following an eight-day trial and less than two hours of deliberation, von NotHaus, the founder and monetary architect of a currency known as the Liberty Dollar, was found guilty by a jury in Statesville, North Carolina, of making coins resembling and similar to United States coins; of issuing, passing, selling, and possessing Liberty Dollar coins; of issuing and passing Liberty Dollar coins intended for use as current money; and of conspiracy against the United States. The guilty verdict concluded an investigation which began in 2005 and involved the minting of Liberty Dollar coins with a current value of approximately $7 million. Joining the U.S. Attorney Anne M. Tompkins in making today’s announcement are Edward J. Montooth, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI, Charlotte Division; Russell F. Nelson, Special Agent in Charge of the United States Secret Service, Charlotte Division; and Sheriff Van Duncan of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the evidence introduced during the trial, von NotHaus was the founder of an organization called the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Code, commonly known as NORFED and also known as Liberty Services. Von NotHaus was the president of NORFED and the executive director of Liberty Dollar Services, Inc. until on or about September 30, 2008.

Von NotHaus designed the Liberty Dollar currency in 1998 and the Liberty coins were marked with the dollar sign ($); the words dollar, USA, Liberty, Trust in God (instead of In God We Trust); and other features associated with legitimate U.S. coinage. Since 1998, NORFED has been issuing, disseminating, and placing into circulation the Liberty Dollar in all its forms throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. NORFED’s purpose was to mix Liberty Dollars into the current money of the United States. NORFED intended for the Liberty Dollar to be used as current money in order to limit reliance on, and to compete with, United States currency.

In coordination with the Department of Justice, on September 14, 2006, the United States Mint issued a press release and warning to American citizens that the Liberty Dollar was “not legal tender.” The U.S. Mint press release and public service announcement stated that the Department of Justice had determined that the use of Liberty Dollars as circulating money was a federal crime.

Article I, section 8, clause 5 of the United States Constitution delegates to Congress the power to coin money and to regulate the value thereof. This power was delegated to Congress in order to establish and preserve a uniform standard of value and to insure a singular monetary system for all purchases and debts in the United States, public and private. Along with the power to coin money, Congress has the concurrent power to restrain the circulation of money which is not issued under its own authority in order to protect and preserve the constitutional currency for the benefit of all citizens of the nation. It is a violation of federal law for individuals, such as von NotHaus, or organizations, such as NORFED, to create private coin or currency systems to compete with the official coinage and currency of the United States.

Von NotHaus, who remains free on bond, faces a sentence of up to 15 years’ imprisonment on count two of the indictment and a fine of not more than $250,000. Von NotHaus faces a prison sentence of five years and fines of $250,000 on both counts one and three. In addition, the United States is seeking the forfeiture of approximately 16,000 pounds of Liberty Dollar coins and precious metals, currently valued at nearly $7 million. The forfeiture trial, which began today before United States District Court Judge Richard Voorhees, will resume on April 4, 2011 in the federal courthouse in Statesville. Judge Voorhees has not yet set a date for the sentencing of von NotHaus.

“Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism,” U.S. Attorney Tompkins said in announcing the verdict. “While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country,” she added. “We are determined to meet these threats through infiltration, disruption, and dismantling of organizations which seek to challenge the legitimacy of our democratic form of government.”

The case was investigated by the FBI, Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department, and the U.S. Secret Service, in cooperation with and invaluable assistance of the United States Mint. The case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Jill Westmoreland Rose and Craig D. Randall, and the forfeiture trial is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Tom Ascik and Ben Bain Creed.

Friday, March 11, 2011

War Vet assaulted by police and dragged away for staging silent protest at Hillary Clinton speech..'supporting freedom of speech and right to protest'

During a speech on February 16, 2011, at George Washington University by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ex-CIA and war veteran Ray McGovern is violently hauled out of the room by police after merely standing silently with an anti-war T-shirt on.

He was directly in front of Hillary about 10 yards away in plain sight. Not a peep from Hillary...just continues right on with her speech about "the importance of freedom of speech", citing the right of the Egyptian people to protest their government.

McGovern was handcuffed, taken to the police station and put in a cell for three and a half hours, and charged with "disorderly conduct."

War veteran, 71, dragged out for staging silent protest during Hilary Clinton address... on freedom of speech

By Rachel Quigley
22nd February 2011
Daily Mail

A 71-year-old war veteran today claimed he was left 'bruised and bloodied' after being violently dragged out of a Hilary Clinton speech.

Ray McGovern, who was a CIA analyst for 27 years, staged a 'silent protest' during the Secretary of State's talk on the importance of freedom of speech in the internet age yesterday.

In it she referred to the uprising in Egypt and commented on how people should be allowed to protest in peace without fear of threat or violence. She also condemned governments who arrest protesters and do not allow free expression.

But during the speech at George Washington university, Mr McGovern claims his silent protest was met with just that - threats and violence.

Wearing a 'Veterans for Peace' t-shirt, the 71-year-old stood up and turned around to face the back of the room, when two men grabbed him and dragged him out.

He said he was 'roughed up' by police for his actions and needed medical attention.
Speaking to MailOnline he said: 'It was a pretty brutal attack. They left me lacerated and bruised. I have marks all over my body and some of my wounds are still oozing.

'But Hilary Clinton - who watched me be physically violated and grabbed - was condemning violence against protesters.

'I was 12 yards in front of her, she knew exactly what was happening but did not even miss a beat.'

Mr McGovern was put in two sets of handcuffs and taken to the police station where he remained in the cell for three and a half hours. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Speaking about the charges he said: 'Standing motionless and wordless looking towards the back of the room when the Secretary of State is speaking is not what I would call disorderly conduct.

'The only disorderly conduct in that room was at the hands of the plain-clothed officer and the police man.'

Despite comparing the attack to 'being jumped in the Bronx', he said he does not regret it.

'I'm in good spirits and I'm hoping that some good will come out of this. It still hurts but it was worth it.'

The veteran said he was protesting the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the fact that 'these people are pursuing policies which make people suffer and die, particularly in the Middle East'.

As well as a former CIA analyst, Mr McGovern also carried out the daily intelligence briefing for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

He also briefed the National Security Advisor, Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Cabinet on security matters.

He has been an outspoken commentator on intelligence-related issues since the late 1990s and in during a state speech in 2006, the veteran accused the then Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld of lying about Iraq pre-war intelligence.

The internet is awash with comments of how hypocritical the Secretary of State's actions - or lack of - were and an online petition has even been started to 'urge Hilary Clinton to put her words into actions'.

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, a lawyer Partnership for Civil Justice Fund who are representing Mr McGovern, said: 'For this peaceful expression of dissent, he ended up bruised, bloodied, arrested, and jailed.

'Secretary Clinton never paused, continuing her speech lecturing other countries about the need to allow freedom of expression and dissent, while Mr McGovern was hauled out in front of her.'

The Department of State told MailOnline it was an administration issue that was being handled by George Washington University who 'enforce their own policies on their campus'.

The university had the following statement: 'The George Washington University is committed to the protection of free speech, freedom of assembly and the right of lawful protest on campus.

'When an invited speaker is the object of protest, demonstrations may occur outside the university building, facility or space where the lecture takes place, subject to additional requirements found in the university’s demonstration policy.

'A man, who is not affiliated with the George Washington University, was arrested Tuesday afternoon by the George Washington University Police Department (GWPD) and was charged with disorderly conduct after violating the university’s demonstration policy during a speech by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on campus.

'Shortly after the Secretary began speaking, the man stood up from his seat blocking the view of guests and media.

'When asked twice by a GWPD officer to leave, the man refused. As a result, he was escorted by GWPD out of the building and was placed in the custody of the Metropolitan Police Department.'

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen: "I'm Jewish and proud of it"

Shocker. No wonder he and Alex Jones are such good friends.

His ex-wife Brooke Mueller is jewish too.

Charlie Sheen says he’s Jewish and proud

March 6, 2011
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

LOS ANGELES (JTA) -- Actor Charlie Sheen, who has been accused of anti-Semitism, claims that he is Jewish and proud of it.

During a morning phone call March 4 to the Access Hollywood Live show, Sheen told hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, “My mom [actress Janet Templeton] is Jewish. Here’s where it gets confusing -- we don’t know who her father was.

“But she is, in fact, Jewish. So I guess that would make me Jewish and my children Jewish. And Brooke [Mueller], my ex-wife, is Jewish. So I guess I should have rolled that out, too.”

A perplexed Bush told Sheen, “You’re getting accused of anti-Semitic remarks -- you might want to say, ‘By the way, I’m Jewish!' ”

Sheen responded, “I know, I know -- stupid me. I just got caught sleeping, caught napping, which is rare for me. Anywho ... But I’m proud of it. There you have it."

Sheen, 45, star of the hit TV comedy “Two and a Half Men," which has been suspended for the rest of this season and may be canceled, lashed out last month at the Anti-Defamation League following its charge that Sheen had exhibited “borderline anti-Semitism” in referring to his producer, Chuck Lorre, by his Hebrew name, Chaim Levine. Sheen has demanded an apology from the ADL.

Sheen, whose birth name is Carlos Irwin Estevez, has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse.

During the call-in, Sheen also announced that he and actor Sean Penn would travel to Haiti in support of Penn’s relief effort for the earthquake-stricken country.

Monday, March 7, 2011

FBI to reopen case against alleged mass child rapist Jeffrey Epstein

Jewish billionaire and " philanthropist" Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein has been accused of rape or sexual assault by at least 40 teenage girls aged 14 to 17 who gave him "massages" at his Palm Beach, FL mansion. The sayanim network worked it's magic, and Epstein got a plea deal in June 2008 and only an 18-month sentence for "solicitation of prostitution." [1]

Now another alleged victim is speaking out. Virginia Roberts alleged last week that she was recruited as Epstein’s sex slave when she was just 15, and that she met other high-profile individuals linked to Epstein, including Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. The British press broke the story, and now the FBI is taking another look.

As of now, it appears only non-U.S. media are reporting on this:


- FBI to reopen case against sex offender friend of Prince Andrew: Duke may be forced to claim diplomatic immunity to avoid questioning (Daily Mail)

- Jeffrey Epstein 'kept a diary of his under-aged victims' (Telegraph)

- Teenage girl recruited by paedophile Jeffrey Epstein reveals how she twice met Bill Clinton (Daily Mail)

Judicial-Inc article on Epstein

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- Jewish Journal: Jailing Roman Polanski is like the Holocaust all over again
- Jewish historian admits "blood libel" is true - ie, Jewish ritual sacrifice and cannibalism of 'gentile' children
- Jews, not Italians, control the American Mafia underworld
- Jewish Professor & Quarterly Magazine Admit and Brag Jewish Dominated Porn Industry Designed to Subvert and Destroy White Western Christian Culture
- The Horror of Anti-Semitism - Why Do People Hate the Jews?

Friday, March 4, 2011

January 12, 2000: Eleven Israeli nationals impersonating "muslim preachers" were detained on a flight from India as suspected hijackers

The 11 Israeli nationals were supposedly "Islamic preachers." Under intense pressure from Tel Aviv, Indian authorities released the eleven men back to Israel. Indian intelligence officials believed these men appeared to be on a Mossad mission, as Israel is known to use agents to "infiltrate muslims terrorist networks."

One day earlier, January 11 2000, the Indian "Bureau of Civil Aviation Security" (BCAS) had issued a top secret circular warning of a possible hijack attempt on a Bangladesh Biman aircraft originating out of India.

source: The Week (one of the largest news magazines in India)

Aborted mission

Investigation: Did Mossad attempt to infiltrate Islamic radical outfits in south Asia?

Feb 6, 2000
Subir Bhaumik
The Week

On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. They were detained on the suspicion of being hijackers. "But we realised that they were tabliqis (Islamic preachers), so we let them go," said an intelligence official. They had planned to attend an Islamic convention near Dhaka, but Bangladesh refused them visa. Later, seemingly under Israeli pressure, India allowed them to fly to Tel Aviv.

Where's the catch? The secret circular that warned of a possible hijack

"They had landing permits at Dhaka, but that's not visa," said a diplomat in the Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi. "We decided not to entertain them anymore because we cannot take chances."

The eleven had Israeli passports but were believed to be Afghan nationals who had spent a while in Iran. They had secured landing permits for Dhaka and one-way tickets on Bangladesh Biman's Calcutta-Delhi route through a Delhi-based travel agency.

"We have a right to deny travel facility to a passenger even if he has a valid ticket on security grounds," said a Bangladeshi Biman official who did not want to be named. To the Bangladesh Biman officials the eleven, who were all Muslims, appeared "too murky".

Indian intelligence officials, too, were surprised by the nationality profile of the eleven. "They are surely Muslims; they say that they have been on tabligh (preaching Islam) in India for two months. But they are Israeli nationals from the West Bank," said a Central Intelligence official.

He claimed that Tel Aviv "exerted considerable pressure" on Delhi to secure their release. "It appeared that they could be working for a sensitive organisation in Israel and were on a mission to Bangladesh," the official said. The Israeli intelligence outfit, Mossad, is known to recruit Shia Muslims to penetrate Islamic radical networks.

"It is not unlikely for Mossad to recruit 11 Afghans in Iran and grant them Israeli citizenship to penetrate a network such as Bin Laden's. They would begin by infiltrating them into an Islamic radical group in an unlikely place like Bangladesh," said intelligence analyst Ashok Debbarma. The pressure exerted on India by Israel for the release of the men, and the hurry with which they were flown back suggested an Ôaborted operation'.

Mossad watchers say the operation was possibly blown off by "unwelcome intervention" in a friendly country, and they decided to pull out.

The Calcutta immigration authorities may have laid their hands on the wrong people. They were looking for Islamic radicals attempting hijack.

On January 11, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) issued a top secret circular (NO: ER/BCAS/PIC/CIRCULAR/99), quoting "an intelligence input" about a possible hijack attempt on a Bangladesh Biman aircraft originating out of India. Copies of the circular signed by regional deputy commissioner of security (Calcutta Airport), L. Singsit, were issued to relevant Indian agencies and Bangladesh Biman's station manager in Calcutta, Md. Shahjahan. It said that eight "Pushtu-speaking Mujahideen" had infiltrated into India for the purpose.

The circular also specified the motive behind the hijack: to secure the release of the prime accused in the Mujib-ur-Rehman assassination case including Major (later Colonel) Farooq Rehman and Major Bazlul Huda.

"Dhaka told us to take no chances," said a Bangladesh Biman official. The Sheikh Hasina government is aware of the international links of the Mujib-killers. While Libya had sheltered some of them in the 70s and early 80s, middle eastern countries helped others evade justice. Major (later Colonel) Khondakhar Abdul Rashid, one of Colonel Farooq's co-plotters, is said to be in Saudi Arabia, where he maintains close links with Pakistan's ISI.

Meanwhile, Indian intelligence officials are still on the hunt for "Pushtu-speaking hijackers". An additional director with Central Intelligence said at least four hijackers were in eastern India.

If the terrorists manage to extricate the likes of Colonel Farooq through a hijack, it will boost the Ôanti-Indian Islamic forces' in Bangladesh, particularly the agitation against the Hasina government.

With a less India-friendly government in Dhaka, Pakistan's ISI could step up its help to the insurgents in the northeast.

(The author is BBC's eastern India correspondent)

original source link:

Via "STRANGER THAN FICTION: An Independent Investigation of the True Culprits Behind 9-11"

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