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Sachsenhausen: "840,000 Russian POWs annihilated at one time and cremated in four mobile crematoria" - Would take 48 years

The Forgotten Holocaust of 840,000 Russian POWs

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen camp prisoners [1]

Source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

Sachsenhausen was a concentration camp just 22 miles from Berlin. A New York Times article from December 2001 states that roughly 30,000 victims were killed at Sachsenhausen by the Nazis between 1936-1945.

At Nuremberg kangaroo trial, "840,000" alleged killed at Sachsenhausen

On February 19, 1946 Counsellor Smirnov a member of the Russian prosecution team at the Nuremberg Trial stated:

"There were also created transportable crematoria. An SS member, Paul Waldmann, testifies to their existence. He was one of the participants in the crime perpetrated by the German fascists when 840,000 Russian prisoners of war in Sachsenhausen were annihilated at one time. ... The war prisoners murdered in this way were cremated in four movable crematoria, which were transported on car trailers." {see approx 60% down page for quote}

To summarise:

840,000 Russian POWs were "annihilated at one time"
840,000 corpses were cremated in four portable ovens

This photo, taken on November 10, 1944 - features two British soldiers and one of three Nazi mobile crematory ovens at Hertogenbosch concentration camp in Holland.

Being a Nazi concentration camp, Hertogenbosch (also known as the Vught Concentration Camp) is of course still subjected to ridiculous claims, just like all the others. Idiots and liars claim that 13,000 people died there in the 20 months it was in operation. But the website run by the memorial/tourist attraction now at the site, states 749 people died there, of whom 329 were executed.

To summarise:

Hertogenbosch had three mobile crematory ovens - for the approx 750 cremations conducted there over a period of 20 months

840,000 cremations were performed in four mobile crematory ovens from Sachsenhausen "at one time"

Modern crematorium requires 2 hours for cremation

The British National Association of Funeral Directors states it take a minimum of 2 hours to cremate a corpse in a modern crematorium:

"Cremating at the optimum temperature (1400-1800 degrees), the average weighted remains takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Several more hours may be required before the cremated remains are available to the family."

Cremating 840,000 at Sachsenhausen with 4 mobile ovens would take 48 years

840,000 corpses in four ovens = 210,000 per oven
210,000 cremations @ 2 hours each = 420,000 hours

420,000 hours = 47.9 years

(Two bodies at once = double the time to cremate)

EVEN If the Nazis had started the cremations (regardless of the logistics of killing 840,000 Russians "at one time") on the 22 June 1941, the day Germany invaded Russia. They would have still be cremating the corpses in 1989 44 years after the end of WW2.

But that's by the by, as like the ho£ocau$t,the story "840,000 Russian prisoners of war in Sachsenhausen were annihilated at one time" and "cremated in four movable crematoria" is


Gandalf said...

Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen: a "Illuminati Pyramid"

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Crush The Talmudic Serpent said...

Surely only Pablo Escobar had that much coke!!!

Wolf, 48 years indeed and that doesn't include the time taken to remove bodies and load bodies and clean out all the ash and bone etc.

Lone Wolf said...

Yes Crush. Given that cleaning the ovens would require another 1-2 hrs on average, it really would take about 75-100 years.

Anonymous said...

Once again you nailed it.

I wonder if those vile jews are aware of the prophesy that Jacob and Joseph will become a fire and a flame and Esau will become stubble because they sure do have the delusions of their sacred holyhoax.

The jews are predicting their own fate...and I can hardly wait!


Lone Wolf said...

James, the credit for this goes to Black Rabbit of Winston Smith Ministry of Truth. He has an outstanding blog that I highly recommend everyone visit.

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hahahahahha nice 1

Anonymous said...

Except that this "840000 Russian POWs" number is completely made up. It says under this claim that there should be a source somewhere. I cannot find it.

The Soviets originally claimed that 100000 had died at Sachsenhausen. This is what you will find if you examine the Sachsenhausen Trials. Yes, this is still an exaggeration. (The real figure is somewhere around 30000).

But it seems that it is common for people to exaggerate things to support their arguments, hmmmm?

Matan TheMoral said...

Christian assholes. Like you know what you're talking about. Some numbers might be wrong, but you can disguise the fact that the holocaust was horrible, unjust, and all too real! James, your bigotry has shown me that faith obsessed, self righteous people as extreme as you do exist, and that being such a hateful moron must lead to a very sad existence. Trolling around small blogs talking about "vile jews" and how you can't wait for them to die...Why would you wish death upon anyone? They follow in their religion just likely you blindly follow yours, its their choice, and they do nothing wrong! People could hate you for what you are, some might. But if the world lives on hate instead of love, death instead of life, none will be satisfied unless they spill the last blood, and if the world lives like that then all will cease to exist. Love satisfies, and makes people feel welcomed and happy. I won't lie and say love always overpowers hate, but it can. You hide behind your anonymous face because you're scared. You're scared of what you're saying and what you've become, because underneath it all you know its wrong. At least Lone Wolf is proud of his views, and distasteful as they are. I don't know what your problem is, but almost no one is beyond saving from a deceitful existence and unquestioning faith. You fearful, lying, angry, ignorant hater! Take a good, long look at your life, because i'm sure no one can want to live like you must. (p.s. not everything scripture says is truth. Why do you follow it so devoutly?)